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Tell Us Your Story – Know Mental Illness

“We all are born in a society where conforming is a ritual. A baseless ritual, that’s costing us our originality and facts about who we are. At one second you are crying alone and next moment a clear voice soars out of your throat answering – yes mom, I am coming.

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Why are we programmed this way? Your friend sitting next to you might be going through something that has traumatized him to his very soul but every time you look at him, he gives that naughty grin. Your forever shopping buddy and your party companion might be sleepless for days and countless moments because her mind doesn’t let her relax. You never know.

It’s impossible to up right in the middle of the stage and talk about how you are feeling. One can never understand what exactly you are going through until they are put in that place. The feeling is contradictory, sometimes confusing. You might feel trapped and congested in a world you don’t belong to.  You want to run out of it yet you can’t. You seek help but you are afraid. And the cycle repeats.” – A mental illness survivor, 21 yrs

Mental illness is not something you can ignore. It is time we start taking into account how dreading the results could be if the patient is not given the right care and attention required.  Just someone to get over what they are going through won’t ever help. One needs to learn to be patient to help. Be patient enough to listen to what they have to say.

Don’t be so prompt about the conclusions. Give time to express.  Let the depth be visible to you first. Motivate the person to talk more about it and prioritize his/her problems. Don’t push them off their limits both physically and emotionally for that could deteriorate the condition. Make them feel more normal and comfortable via galvanizing them to look at the positivity in life and prompting them to take up their hobbies. Meditation and yoga could prove beneficial to the people suffering from mental trauma. Constant support and positive associations could help aggravate the recovery process.

Be sensitive to the issue for we need to have a word about it. Conversation is the key to all problems. For all the survivors, if he/she can, so can you. Hold in tight and seek help when needed. Talk to your therapist or your friends. Explore people who would understand. Always remember, we become what we choose to be.

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