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Taking Care Of A Baby – Do’s and Don’ts


Taking care of a child is difficult when it’s a new responsibility and you need to match the pacing world growing around you. The more fulfilling and joyous is the feeling of having an angel in life, the more exhausting and tedious is the task of handling it with proper precaution and care. It’s no closer to buying new gadgets or toys in terms of complexity and provision.

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Although both parents are equally involved in childcare but one parent (usually moms) is on the front-foot handling all the puking, feeding and pediatric health issues. Baby care is time-consuming and needs a lot of effort.

Amongst many, following are the few do’s and don’ts parent should take care of –

  1. Don’t ignore ‘Cry for Help’ – Mother and childcare is no less than a job so, whenever offered, consider taking help. Hiring a babysitter will ease out the pressure on parents and also prevent from getting mom exhausted. Never leave the baby unattended.
  2. Do follow the pattern – Parents should keep a check on the schedule of the child and strictly stick to it. Feeding and nap time should be in conformity with the schedule as that will help baby stay calm more.
  3. Don’t ‘Shake it’  – You should never shake your baby out of panic or to stop it from crying for it can lead to internal bleeding in the child which can turn into serious brain injuries like ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’. Also, you should juggle the baby in the air as perceived by many people.
  4. Do maintain a ‘feeding angle’ – While feeding, a precise 45 degrees angle should be maintained to ensure right milk flow. Also, never over-feed the baby; understand and adapt to the body language of the baby.
  5. Never ever wake up the baby for any reason – While taking care of your child, parents should always avoid waking up the baby from sleep for any reason like food or play. Such unexpected activity can leave baby restless and uncomfortable thus inviting trouble for both.
  6. Swaddle it up’ – Baby should be swaddled tight and cozy in a blanket for you don’t want baby’s arms and legs to dangle freely in the air when bones aren’t that strong yet. Swaddling also keeps the baby comforted and mitigates trouble for both the child and parents.
  7. Find your pediatrician – Parents should take their baby to regular doctor visits without missing an appointment. Also, vaccination should be scheduled at regular intervals. Healthcare of a child is of utmost priority when it comes to parenting.


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