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Take Sattvic diet to balance your mind & body

Yoga has been linked to the mental and physical transformation of an individual. But, like a branch of a tree needs to stay connected with its roots to outgrow, yoga needs the right food to thrive. Whether you yearn for boosted physical strength or a sound mind, switching to a sattvic diet is the first and most effective step. Not sure what constitutes a sattvic diet? Check out this extensively curated list:

  • Ghee:

Known as clarified butter, Ghee tops our list of Sattvic foods because its vitality has been proven in the ancient Vedas. An active ingredient in diet plans for moms, ghee mixed with rice and soma was also served as a religious prep to God. It tastes heavy and cold and is used in Indian kitchens in an array of dishes. Ghee concocted with cow’s milk is highly nutritious and supercharges the immunity system in addition to its other health perks.

  • Organic fruits:

Nobody is unknown to the immeasurable benefits that consumption of fresh fruits brings to the body. But each of the constructive sustenance has a constraint. Fruits like avocados and tomatoes are considered rajasic and should be consumed in limits. In Ayurveda, rajasic denote a class of food that indirectly push the body and brain towards delusion, greed, jealousy, and anger. Fruits like oranges, grapes, melons, berries, peaches, and plums increase the magnetism and shoot optimism in an individual.

  • Honey:

White sugar is assumed to be perilous as per Ayurveda. But as it is impossible to evacuate sugar and completely; thanks to the countless medicinal and health gains, honey is one of the sweeteners that is permitted to consume in moderation. Fruit juice concentrates, maple syrup and sugar cane juice are also Ok’d in the Sattvic diet.

  • Herbs:

Sattvic herbs include:

  1. Tulsi: Tulsi is known as holy basil for a reason, its medicinal properties have the power to recuperate even the most stubborn ailments thus ensuring a healthy and happy you.
  2. Saffron: No saffron is not only used for adding piquancy to delicacies but regular, consumption of the same pacifies all the three doshas in the body.
  3. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha can weave wonders to battle stress, fatigue and lack of concentration.
  4. Gotu Kola: If you catch yourself being unable to focus for more than a minute during your meditation, gotu kola can make your session more fruitful.
  5. Bacopa: Individuals who are a victim of rigid muscles, bacopa can fetch them some relief as it is a natural muscle relaxant.

  • Land and sea vegetables:

Vegetables are the safest bet during a sattvic diet but only if you consume them without garlic and onions. Make sure your meals revolve around light veggies like beetroot, carrots, green leafy, cucumbers, celery, squash, etc.

Yoga for women is not a singular practice nor is Sattvic diet. When you sync both and adopt a holistic approach, you will witness a new you both inside out!

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