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How to take care of your skin after Holi

Holi, the happy festival of colors is not really happy for everyone. Though some love to roll in and out of magical colors, some simply hate the feeling of chemicals touching their body. Holi can turn from a vibrant merriment into a nightmare in no time if low-grade colors discover their way on to your skin, hair or eyes. Here is an effective skin care plan to follow after Holi:
• Get out from your wet clothes as soon as you are home.
• Apply any oil on your body to remove excess color from the body. This oil also acts as a natural moisturizer to treat dry skin that might arise due to colors.

• To prevent itching and infection, it is essential to exfoliate the outer skin layer that has touched the color. You can either use a branded body scrub, or you can make one at home by mixing rice flour, honey, and sugar.

• Some colors are so stubborn that they do not come off easily. Try not to scrub your face over and over again. You can use curd to soften the colors and remove it eventually. You can also try using besan and milk or any other ubtan for effortless removal.
Do not fret about your skin while playing for Holi, just follow a simple cleansing and moisturizing routine and you will be good to go!

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