Surgeries requiring Post operative Rehabilitation

Requirement of Surgery is often a result of a gruesome injury or a serious physical condition that requires severe looking after. However a successful surgery is only half the battle won as the recuperating stage post the surgery is as important. A skillfully performed surgery is a subset of a successful outcome and not the outcome itself. Strong, strategic and relevant physiotherapy exercises ensure that a successful surgery turns into a successful recovery allowing you to live your normal everyday life without unrestricted movements.

Some doctors ask their patients to do simple chest exercises right after surgery so as to reduce the risk of infection or even DVTs. There are plenty more exercises that range from extremely intense to really subtle that gradually transform the patients from a position of restricted movements to a state of normal agility.

When it comes to Post orthopaedic surgeries, physiotherapy exercises are almost a certainty since it is imperative to regain your strength, functionality and flexibility. It is important however that the patient consults a physiotherapist who is experienced in post surgery rehabilitation.

There are some surgeries that necessitate post operative rehabilitation more than others. So let us take a look at some of the common surgeries where post surgery rehabilitation is very important.


  1. Hip

This would include surgeries for hip replacement/resurfacing, fracture, Hip labral repairs or even Hip Arthroscope.

hip post oerative

  1. Knee

This is one of the most common surgeries that require post operative physiotherapy rehabilitation. This kind of surgery is found in sportspersons or the elderly where means physiotherapy after surgery is imperative. ACL, Fracture, Knee replacement, Ligament Reconstruction, Meniscal Repairs, Lateral Release, Arthroscope, Chondrosplasty, Patella Tendon Transfer etc are some of the common Knee related surgeries that require post surgery rehabilitation.


  1. Shoulder

Another vital portion of the body that requires everyday movement and thus undergoes strain is the shoulder. Various Shoulder surgeries that require physiotherapy intervention after operation includes Acromioplasty, Fracture, Manipulation, Shoulder Reconstruction, Rotator Cuff Repair, Capsulotomy, Shoulder Stabilization etc.


  1. Elbow

Tennis Elbow Release, Fracture and Golfers Elbow Release are the common Elbow surgeries that require post surgery physiotherapy methods.


  1. Spine(Neck and Back)

Recovering from a Spine surgery including areas like Neck and Back can be one of the toughest experiences. There Physiotherapy methods become very necessary for recuperation. Some of these Spine surgeries include Discectomy, Spinal Fusion, Micro-discectomy and Laminectomy.

spine neck and back

  1. Calf

If you to walk again and that too the same way with no discomfort at all, physiotherapy exercises are vital post calf surgeries for things like Achilles Tendon Repairs and Fasciotomy.


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