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Summer Break Fun: Yoga and Meditation for children

Summer vacations are an inevitably happy phase that every kid looks forward to after a hectic year at school. Summer breaks are blissful where the stress of finishing homework every night is rightly swapped with the joy of long playing sessions and indulging in fruitful activities. We want the best of everything for our kids so why not give them the gift of their lives that they will be grateful for i.e. Yoga and Meditation. It is said that habits and ethics developed at a young age do not fade away with time and therefore childhood is the best time to inculcate meditation and yoga in the customary life of your kids.

What are the benefits that yoga and meditation can bring to your children?

  • Instant stress reduction:

Adults are under immense and constant pressure of fulfilling their roles as grown ups but what we fail to understand is that children have their own set of problems, agonies and setbacks. Yoga and meditation use basic breathing techniques to conquer the monstrous world of pressure. With approved knacks like hot air balloon technique and the power of imagination, yoga emboldens two crucial traits: Focus and patience to deal with any array of glitches. As children are more prone to feel frustrated and irritable, meditation can adeptly gulp it all.

  • Tuning out:

Ask a 2 year old to help you update your software and you can be assured to receive proficient assistance! The new and fancy tech world has latched children to its electronic mates and the attachment is unnerving. Yoga and meditation can incredibly aid the children to cut off from the glorified social world and take some time off to develop self-awareness, confidence and salubrious body-image.

  • Energize, strengthen and balance:

Kids who struggle with attention challenges, yoga and meditation can succor by naturally boosting the concentration. As yoga for kids is a fusion of poses and games, it in turn is a culprit for shooting u the energy, developing intrinsic vigor while indirectly calming the mind and hyper activeness. Constant stimulation is a routine in today’s life and meditation can definitely assist the kids to deal with this chaotic world and prepare for the puberty blues.

It is hard to be a kid today with innumerable distractions and hyped peer pressures. Give your kid the desired inner peace with inculcation of yoga and meditation and witness the positive impact it has on them.

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