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Got a stressful desk job? 5 must know Yoga poses for you

When laziness has conquered you in and out, snooze and blanket become your new best friends. As lethargic individuals, we do not mind compromising a session of tranquility and physical fitness for sleep. What if at Healers at Home, we say you can still reap the benefits of Yoga without letting go off your precious sleep? Unbelievable isn’t it? Here is how you can ease the stressful desk job with corporate yoga:

  • Seated Crescent Moon Pose:

At your workplace, long missed deadlines and back ache go hand in hand. If you really wish to finish the entire pile of backlog, sit right up, lift your arms and stretch your fingers as wide as you can. Now lean to your right and exhale the stress out. Regain the original position and execute the same on the left side. Repeat this 5-7 times for sheer relaxed neck, shoulders and back.

  • Sit and stand Pose:

Though the name suggests it to be like a punishment in school, in reality it is one of the most effective corporate yoga asana. Due to the seated position, the hamstrings and glutes in your body lose their motivation to function properly thus burdening the back and neck for standing up. This corporate yoga asana will help you to instantly awaken leg muscles. Keep your chair near your torso and squat at 90 degrees. As your torso touches the chair, hose the pose for about 5 seconds and rise. Repeat for 10-12 times. Under any circumstance, do not lean forward while squatting.

  • Desk plank pose:

Desk plank pose qualifies to be the easiest and most feasible yoga for corporates. This is similar to the regular plank but instead of lying on the ground, you stretch your body on the desk. Place your hands on the desk at shoulder length distance. Now step your feet back in a way that you feel the traction down your spine. Hold this pose for about 5-7 breathes and gradually increase the duration as time passes. This asana will undo the negative impact of sedentary job in the blink of any eye!

  • Chair Pigeon pose:

Sit straight and keep both the legs flat on the floor. Now slowly raise one of your legs over the other at a 90 degree angle. Make sure to keep your foot flexed or else it will create unwanted pressure on the other knee. You will feel a gentle stretch on the leg that is raised. Hold the position for about 5-10 breaths and then shift legs.

  • Cow Face arms:

To shoo away the sluggishness a scrumptious Biryani has bought you over lunch, keep one hand at your lower back and the other one behind your neck. Now try to clasp the fingers while you search for them at the backside. Clench this pose for 5-10 breath and then switch sides.

Other than reversing the undesirable effect that a desk jobs brings, yoga will empower you with enhanced concentration, productivity and competence.

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