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Smoking And Lung Cancer Things You Need To Know

Started off as trying during the teenage, show off during early twenties and habit in the late twenties, smoking has ruined the lives of many. Irrespective of which cigarette you smoke, each type is said to equally damage your lungs. Did you know that cigarette smoking is one of the top most reasons for any cancer and this awful habit can be quit for a better life?

Smoking and changes of lung cancer with smoking:

Whether you smoke low-tar cigarette, the one with clove or mint flavored your chances of getting lung cancer are almost the same by smoking any. Lung cancer is directly proportional to number of cigarettes smoked in day, how often you smoke and for the number of years you have smokes. High number of cigarettes in a day, on a daily basis for 5 years is leading you to your death bed.

How smoking causes lung cancer:

Cigarettes are filled with polonium, nitrosamines and benzene which are said to voluntarily damage his DNA along with genes that are otherwise cancer fighting genes. As these chemicals are absorbed in the body, it takes time for the body to resume to its normal functioning. Perpetual smoking disrupts the normal functioning completely and stops the DNA repair process thus increasing the possibility of lung cancer.

Forms of smoking leading to lung cancer:

Tobacco chewing or smoking, cigars, pipes, cannabis all consist of the same gene harming chemicals and should be refrained from using.

Can passive smoking cause cancer?

Accompanying your friend while they smoke but you don’t know that it is equally harmful for your health as it is for theirs. If you inhale the smoke when you smoke or the exhaled smoke you are definitely at the risk of lung cancer.

lung cancer

Should you quit?

Needless to say, as a smoker or not you are aware of the zillion ailments that smoking carries with itself along with mental trauma to your loved ones in case of death and financial crisis for the treatment on survival. Did you know when you quit, you start regaining your palate, appetite and vigor in life. If you quit today, you are still at a much reduced risk of contracting lung cancer as compared to if you continue smoking. Take supplements available as cigarette substitutes in the medical stores, divert your mind and drink some juice like pineapple or sugarcane to curb your desire for smoking. If you can survive a day without cigarette it is victory! Better late than never.

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