Simplest Yoga Poses for Busy Mom’s

Being a mom is possibly one of the hardest, if not the hardest jobs in the world. But a lot of us do not consider it that way. Being a full time mom is like having a job 24*7 job with no holidays, planned vacations, sick leaves or even an earned leave. Changing diapers and clothes, dropping kids off to school, feeding them, cooking foods for them at unconventional times of the day and any more such stressful activities can stress you down having an adverse effect on you. Therefore it is paramount that one takes out time for themselves to work out and exercise that would not only enhance physical strength but also reduce stress. Yoga is definitely one of the most popular choices to stay fit among women but for a busy mom, it is tough to undergo physically enduring poses. However there are various Yoga poses that are not only effective but also easy to do without make you feel like you have to undergo some laborious exercises after a hectic day. So let us take a look at top poses for Busy Moms that are easy to execute and effective in their results.

  1. Relaxed breathing in an easy seated position

This posture allows you to lower your heart rate and organize your thought which is something that is hard to do in an otherwise hectic schedule of handling kids. Just sit in a relaxed and comfortable position with your palms on your thighs. Relax your entire body after closing your eyes with loose shoulders, neck and jaw. Follow this up by taking deep breaths through your nostrils and then exhale through the same medium.

easy post for mom

  1. Position of the Cobra

Another easy to execute Yoga Pose is the Cobra position. This Yoga pose helps in coping against the tiredness caused by heavy lifting and other physical intense work that one has do on a daily basis including carrying your children, running around with diaper bags, groceries etc.

The cobra pose starts with lying on your belly with your legs stretched outwards as the top of your feet remains firmly planted on the mat. Next step is to push your shoulders up while keeping your palms on the mat and stretch. Repeat the pose at least 3 to 5 times.


cobra pose for ladies

  1. Spinal Twist

A good posture plays an important role in keeping you healthy however the hectic schedule and the physical wear down of your body while managing kids makes it difficult to accomplish the same. Spinal Twist helps in accomplishing the same. Here,      one has to lay down on the floor and keep their legs stretched outwards and relax your body. Now bring your knees close to your chest so as to hug them and then slowly move them towards your left. Extend your arms with your palms up and close your eyes. Relax and let go of your right leg to full extention. Repeat the same for the other side.


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