Another name for frozen shoulder is adhesive capitalistic. In this condition, motion of the shoulder is restricted. The tissues of the shoulder become thicker because of which the spacing between the muscles and bones fills. There is no space left for the movement of the shoulder joint. This leads to the restriction in the motion of the shoulder. This usually happens at the age of 40 to 60 years because of the weak muscles.

frozen shoulder


You realize this condition once your shoulder starts hurting. It becomes difficult to move your shoulder properly. Daily routine works that used to be effortless become tough because of the restricted motion of your shoulder. Slowly the shoulder becomes stiffer and you cannot move your shoulder easily like always.


1.You start feeling an unbearable pain and tightness in your shoulder joint.
2.The back and forth motion of your arm become uneasy and painful. Try throwing a ball. You will experience a pain while moving your shoulder joint.
3.Trigger points start paining.
4.There is a pain in the back of your wrist due to the frozen shoulder.
5.The pain and the symptoms worsen with time.


Frozen shoulder usually originates due to hormonal imbalance. Imbalance in hormones leads to inactivity of the muscles and thus leads to the restriction of the movement. Sometimes diabetes also leads to frozen shoulder. The weak immune system becomes the major cause. A long course of inactivity due to illness or injury also leads to frozen shoulder. Scar tissues are formed in severe cases. This takes around six to nine months to develop properly.


A frozen shoulder should be handled with care. There is a lot you can do to get rid of this. Ati-inflammation and pain killers are considered as the best and quickest options available.

Here are a few things you can perform at home to cure a frozen shoulder:

1.Keep moving- Make sure that you do not keep your shoulder still for a very long duration. It becomes important to perform regular warm up exercises with your shoulder.
2.Heat- Proper heating should be used to keep the joint warm and intact.
3.Stretching- There are various stretching exercises like arm hanging and doorway stretch.
4.Sleep with two pillows
5.Appropriate posture- A proper posture plays a major role in improving this condition.

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