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Seven Quick Tips How to Control Anger

Any expression when in excess indicates worry. Anger is one of the most troublesome of the expressions. From people complaining about excess anger from their loved ones to few who gulp it down their gut, no matter what the type, anger is harmful whether loud or not. Not ever situations call for a fierce or aggressive reaction, if you catch yourself getting angry on the smallest of things it is time to calm yourself down and take a chill pill. Anger has proven to be critically bad for health especially if persistent.

How anger messes with your life?

Plays with your heart:

You say you are angry because your heart is hurt but in reality anger hurts your heart! If you are constantly sitting with a big fat red nose you are at a risk of cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia leads to irregular heart rate and might lead to strokes or cardiac arrest.

Emotional imbalance:

An emotional turmoil can be triggered or worsened if you are extremely prone to getting angry. Some incidents could have been completely eradicated from your life if you would have learnt to keep cool at times.

Sleep and mental disorders:

Perpetual anger keeps your mind busy and thinking even when you are supposed to sleep. Lack of sleep causes bad mental health. Anger enforces an individual to overthink and a person might create situations that never exist in the first place and can also be trapped under depression. Depression again leads to lack of sleep and now anger has landed you in a ruinous vicious circle.

mental disorder

7 tips on how to control anger:

  • The moment it hits that you are angry, withdraw yourself from the situation and take a calm break.
  • Effective breathing is said to regularize blood pressure and helps in dropping your anger level. Breathe in and out slowly when you feel frustrated or angry or even when you feel a situation is going out of control to avert tentative anger.
  • Count 1-10 and backwards slowly until you feel calm and release all the negative energy while you do so.
  • Remember that anger is not the solution to anything and decisions taken or words spoken in anger cannot be undone.
  • Sometimes just walk out of the scenario into open air to vent out the anger and scream in the air!
  • Look for situations that generally make you angry and mark them. Once you have analyzed avoid putting yourself in similar scenarios.
  • Find a way to deal with anger. Remember you are strong and opt for anger management alternatives like talking with the one you have faced a problem, writing concerns in a diary or trying an exhaustive sport.
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