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Ranbir Kapoor’s Secrets to Godly Body In Sanju


Known for his cute looks and intense acting, ‘ Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ star Ranbir Kapoor is coming up with one of the most awaited projects of Bollywood – Sanju, the biopic of Sanjay Dutt. The movie ‘Sanju’ is special for it put under the microscope, the life of the celebrated actor and the controversy ahead.

Ranbir Kapoor has worked really hard to look buff and shredded like Sanjay Dutt on screen. We have unraveled the secret to his sexy body below. The journey has been very tough for Ranbir. Sanjay Dutt has been always known for his stiff muscles and manly appeal. To justify the character, Ranbir Kapoor followed a specially designed fitness regime and diet.

According to sources, Ranbir has been following his fitness regime very religiously. The regime includes a good ratio of gym exercises and weight training. Muscle building was the primary focus of his physical training. After the back-breaking toil, Ranbir resorts to yoga for relaxation. He is a big fan of meditation techniques in yoga for it helps relieve the frustration borne out of the heavy physical exercise. 

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Simple meditation poses post weight training include –

  1. The Half Lotus – In this pose, one leg is put over another knee and the later is stretched outwards. Focus on your breathing while sitting in that pose.
  2. The Full Lotus – This is a variation of the above pose in which both legs lie in criss-cross where either foot is placed over the other knee.
  3. The Burmese Position – Also known as Sukhasana, this pose is to help you relax on the inside. In this pose, the legs are folded towards the groin.
  4. Seiza – This pose is to majorly help you relax your legs after hectic exercise. In this pose, yo sit with your legs folded and feet pointing opposite the direction of your face(kneel down). To get more relief, you can put a rolled towel between your tights and lower legs. Concentrate on your breathing.yoga at home, yoga trainer at home, yoga instructor at home, yoga for beginners(The Lotus Pose)
  5. Chair – This pose is simple relaxation exercise in which you sit on the ground like you are sitting on a chair with the straight back. You can use an actual chair if needed.

Apart from workout and meditation, Ranbir has taken good care of his diet and nutrition to gain right muscle. For a toned physique like Ranbir Kapoor – exercise daily, eat a nutritious diet and meditate well.

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