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Pros And Cons Of Yoga Classes In A Corporation

Every member of the human resource squad is tired of hunting for corporate team-building activities. If you are one who breeds around the same issue, corporate yoga is here to your rescue!


Pros of corporate yoga in a corporation:

As an entity, you might think that corporate yoga would cause tired and unfocused employees post the session. But conversely, it is the total opposite. A simple session of corporate yoga has the power to boost the productivity of an employee to an unrivaled level!

  • When you know you are going to pile up your employees with a hell lot of work especially during year ends, relaxing asanas in corporate yoga promise to be their most elite escape!
  • As corporate yoga asanas inevitably calm the restlessness and shoot the ability to focus, expect the work of your employees to be completed in time!                                       2
  • Yoga induces an overall positive attitude and forms to be a source of motivation for employees who need a pervasive push, especially on a dreadful Monday!                          3
  • As corporate yoga lets an individual connect with themselves in an enhanced manner, expect impeccable presentations, creativity, and novel ideas to be thrown during a discussion!4
  • Nobody can question the power of yoga and exercise in bringing salubriousness. Healthy employees= lowered medical costs & no absenteeism.
  • The owner of the company does not interact with the customers directly. It is the employees who represent the company. The points stated above simply denote one thing, a happy and satisfied employee which indirectly capacities an excellent brand-consumer relationship.

Cons of corporate yoga in a corporation:

We are lying if we say that corporate yoga has no cons. There is nothing in this entire universe that comes without a negative aspect. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, but it is always good to take an informed decision isn’t it?

  • You are surely saving on healthcare costs but are also involuntarily signing up for a bunch of other outlays like yoga gears and added bottles of water!                                        giphy (1)
  • As an entity, you might want to revamp your washrooms in case somebody wants to take a shower post the corporate yoga session. We really recommend not skipping on this because come on; nobody wants an office whiffing of sweat!                                     anigif_enhanced-575-1404666304-1
  • Most of the employees will be extra alert and determined to work after the corporate yoga session, but every individual reacts differently to yoga. As yoga puts the worthless thoughts to an end and soothes the mind, a few chaps are likely to feel lazy.
  • In case your office follows a strict dress code, you might want to rethink the attire on the days you want to host the session because we don’t think corporate yoga works well in a corporate outfit!

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