Preventing and Surviving Cancer through Physiotherapy

Physical therapy has been considered as one of the dominant ways to treat a lot of severe health ailments. According to United Nations, physiotherapy exercises can aid in preventing or treating four well known non-communicable diseases including Cancer, respiratory disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cancer is the leading cause of death around the globe registering 7.6 million deaths in the year 2008 which comprised of 13.8 percent of the same in that year. If we look at the major causes for cancer, lack of physical inactivity comprises of most of them. Almost 30 percent of cancer can be avoided if factors like obesity, physical inactivity are eliminated and healthy lifestyle of better food choices with physical therapy is adopted.

Cancer and Physiotherapy Connection

Research conducted over a large population sample has shown that people with higher cancer mortality had lower level of physical activity regime. If we look at further stats, mortality rate due to cancer has been reduced by 34 percent along with 33 percent improved chances of cancer survival in cases of people cycling or walking 30 minutes per day.

Cancer and Physiotherapy Connection

Another reputed name, World Health Organization, has undertaken a study that indicates around 150 minutes of aerobic physical workout done with normal intensity level can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A patient undergoing cancer treatment requires the need of physiotherapy exercises even more with radiation treatment and chemotherapy treatments tearing down the body and causing fatigue and weakness. Therefore strengthen the core of your body is imperative during the course and after the process of cancer treatment.

A patient undergoing cancer treatment

But what should be intensity, volume, frequency etc for the physical regime. As far as mode of exercise is concerned, aerobics, resistance or flexibility enhancing physical activities can be chosen, while its frequency can be gradually increased and then sustained. Intensity is another element that depends on the capacity of the person although one does expect it to grow under ideal circumstances. Duration of the activity is the amount of time spent on the physical workout during a particular session. You do not want the duration to be too long but long enough to burn some calories and give you a healthy appetite.

healthy appetite.

Fatigue is one of the common side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and that is where physiotherapy methods like stretching, aerobics or even yoga allows patients to keep the energy level up or at least at par with what is necessary. With the right attitude, Cancer can be prevented and survived through and a healthy lifestyle with regular physical regime is an important part of accomplishing the same.

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