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Prenatal Yoga with Lara Dutta.


Pregnancy is a bittersweet phase both physically and mentally. Contrary to what people might have expected; physical activities like yoga, walking, and swimming are actually constructive for the body both during and after pregnancy. Bollywood has been a hub of motivation, especially for would-be mothers. Be it Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty or Lara Dutta, every celeb that has experienced the beautiful motherhood juncture has taken succor from yoga to benefit themselves and their babies.

  • Lara Dutta, the heartthrob of countless youngsters, is not only a proud mother but a fitness enthusiast.
  • Believing that not everyone has access to the right feasibility, she started her at home yoga series called Heal with Lara.
  • Known to be the break grounds both on and off screen, she decided to continue her series even when she was pregnant.
  • She instigated an online series and DVD called’ Prenatal Yoga with Lara’ which was performed under the guidance of yoga expert Tonia Clark. This sequence of intricate yoga postures was solely fostered on connecting and sprouting overall mother and child vigor.
  • Her series has routines focused and fabricated for each trimester that are individually performed by Lara Dutta.
  • This sequence assures a well-stretched spine and muscles, the release of excess tension that is bound to build up during the pregnancy stage and prepares the mother for the intense labor period. As prenatal stage comes with its own set of mood swings and physical hampering, this recuperative video with Lara’s soothing voice in the background will do the needful.

Keen to adopt Lara’s way during THAT time of your life? Check out her full prenatal yoga video here:


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