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Pregnancy Facts & Fiction – 6 Myths About Pregnancy

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This period of 40 weeks brings about a lot of change in life. New parents, especially moms, are bound to have a number of doubts both about physical and emotional alternations in life. Parents often panic about little complications and don’t feel like missing on any detail regarding pregnancy. This leads to the birth of many misconceptions as well. There are tons of sources to gather all information about but who knows what the truth is.

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It’s mandatory that we validate what we follow and believe upon. Science can introduce us to how pregnancy works. There are a lot of superstitions, here are the 6 myths you should not fall prey to –

  1. It’s always the ‘genetics’ – Believe it or not, people believe that the new baby’s tendency to be over-weight is due to the family genes and food habits; no correlation exists with the pregnancy but it’s not true. If the mother is over-weight than required, there is multi-fold added risk that child will be over-weight.
  2. Gender Prediction – It’s a myth that if the mother has acne or full face, it’s a baby girl or if the baby bump is tight and held up, it’s a baby girl. All old wives’ tales hold no factual base. Acne is majorly genetics and hormones; bump is usually tight because of the abdomen muscles and very common in first pregnancy.
  3. Don’t Move – You should not move or exercise is the most believed myth in India about pregnancy. Research says the more pregnant woman exercises and stays fit, the more oxygen fetus gets and grows well. Also, there is a higher probability of child growing into intelligent individual because of proper development of the brain.
  4. Spicy Food – Its perfectly safe to take spicy food during pregnancy. There is a chance that you may suffer from heartburn so get a prescribed antacid from your doctor if you suffer from frequent indigestion.
  5. Avoid sweet craving – It’s advised to women to not eat sweets during pregnancy. There exists an exceptional case here. According to recent findings, women who eat chocolate during pregnancy tend to have babies who show traits like courage, more jolly and smiling. Also, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure in regulated amount.
  6. All are same – It’s not true to believe that all pregnancies are same. We all come in different bodies, with different shapes, sizes, emotional and mental health. Every mother shares a different bond with her unborn child and complications could be different too. Whenever confused, talk to your doctor instead of believing in groundless myths that invite unnecessary stress in lives of new going-to-be parents.

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