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Powerful Ways to Avoid Back Pain At Work

‘Backache’ is ranked the second most common persisting ailments. Long office hours with overtime is accompanied with a backache. Did you know that 50% of the working professionals complain of acute back pain that turns into a chronic one? As most of the time in the day is spent in traveling or at work, it is mandatory and feasible to take relevant preventive measures at such times or else take frequent back pain physiotherapy to stay relieved. Below is an uncomplicated to-do list to stay strain free from a backache.


Simple hacks into working without a hurting back – 

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Random body movement:

No matter how cozy the chair is and how lazy you are to move, static posture is not good for the back. Move occasionally to ease the muscles. Instead of using the intercom, walk up to the desk of the concerned person, fill your own tea and water, stretch in between, take a 1-minute break every half an hour.

Arms to complement:

The perfect position is incomplete when the arms are not in the right position. Sitting too close or too far from the table can indirectly cause pressure on the back. So while sitting in the office, arms should be flexed at 75 to 90 degrees to the elbows.

Low back support:

Your lower back should be pushed against the back of your chair. To ease this position, there should be a cushion in between so that your lower back can arch slightly that curbs the basic problem of douching down when tired. Slumping while sitting puts extra stress on the low back, and on the lumbar discs.

Knee-hip ratio:

In the sitting position, the knee should be at the same level as the hips or slightly higher.

Feet-floor relationship:

Decent back posture with no proper leg support will still end up with back straining. Feet should touch the floor comfortably, if not use leg rest. Do not hand feet in the air.

Don’t stay still:

Never stay in one position in the office for more than half an hour! This will exert your back muscles.

Don’t stay still

Sometimes irrespective of all the precautions, you might still end up with a stern backache. This can be easily reconciled with back pain physiotherapy. We, at Healers at Home, provide proficient and affordable physiotherapy for back pain right at your doorstep because we understand nothing can alleviate back pain more than healing at home.  

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