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PostNatal Depression – Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

Though effortlessly avertable, postnatal depression is one of the most common conditions that entails in a new mother’s life. If you know in and out of a possible malady, it gets undemanding to cope with. To make the already complicated life of a new mom or would-be mum less complicated, scroll down for a detailed guidebook on postal depression; its symptoms, prevention, and cure.

Symptoms of postnatal depression:

  • You feel anxious and fearful on the commencement of the tiniest problem like staying alone for a while. We understand, the phase is new, and you want someone by your side, but it is impossible to get unrivaled attention 24×7. If this is bothering you, you are on the road to postnatal depression.
  • If you have caught yourself worrying about unjustified junctures like why is the baby unable to latch on you while breastfeeding? Does the baby dislike you? Will you not be a good mother? Though the answer is simply that you are not practicing the right latching technique but if it compels you to overthink, you need to see a doctor.
  • A change is accepted by different individuals in different ways. If you are just living in the self-denial mode and are unable to adapt to the witnessed revolution, it is probably because postnatal depression has crept in.

Ways to prevent and cure post-natal depression:

When you are well-aware of the fact that post-natal depression can sidle in anytime, wouldn’t it be thoughtful on your end to take measures and forestall it in the first place?

  • Talk it out:

Believe us when we say that there is no problem that cannot be solved by venting out. Catch hold of your husband or dial your long lost friend and talk your heart out about how you feel. Your doctor is a good go-to source too.1

  • Take a chill pill:

Comprehend the reality that you are now a mother and lifestyle you have led will be modified. You have been bestowed with countless responsibilities before like scoring well in exams, being an accountable daughter-in-law, slogging for a last minute project, etc. and you have performed exceptionally. So relax, slurp your favorite cooler and put trust in yourself that you’ll rock this chapter too.2

  • Snooze!

One of the most dreaded verities of the motherhood stage is sleep. The moment she tries to sleep, the baby has to poop in their diaper or cry out loud. Sleep-deprivation leads to irritability thus anxiousness and eventually to postnatal depression. So what we are saying is sleep when the baby sleeps!3

  • Get moving:

Paying heed to the never-ending needs of the baby compels the mother to be glued on to the couch. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Postnatal yoga is an excellent way to keep your mind occupied and stop the toxic thoughts from coming in.

Some women tend to fall into the postpartum depression trap by seeing the way their old clothes are reluctant to fit. Yoga for pregnancy can aid the mother to regain her original figure and magically solve this problem too.4

  • Resort to third-party succor:

The ability to multi-task is judged right after the baby is born. A mother has to juggle her time in a way that her family, husband, baby, and work get sufficient time. Availing mother & child care from Healers at Home can aid the mother meet the time requirement and have some left to unwind herself while our attendants take care of the feeding, toileting and bathing needs of the baby. Under no circumstance compromise on your “ME” time or you will end up feeling caught up.5

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