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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss: Tips from Kareena Kapoor!


Kareena Kapoor or more commonly referred to as “Bebo”, had all the eyes on her when she was pregnant and a lot of mothers have been looking up to her for her amazing post-pregnancy weight loss. So what is Kareena’s secret behind this amazing transformation post-pregnancy? Well, Kareena gained a whopping 18 kg’s during her pregnancy and according to her it is not easy to shed those extra kilos a woman puts on during pregnancy. But still, she was able to get back in shape and make heads turn.

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Kareena has been a long-term yoga advocate and has given much of the credit for her successful weight loss journey to yoga. Yoga for weight loss is very effective. Especially Pre-Natal Yoga and Post Natal Yoga helps you stay in shape and healthy during & after the period of pregnancy. In pregnancy she always recommends continuing the workout routine you followed pre-pregnancy, obviously, you can’t work out as intensely as you could, so this is where yoga comes into play.

Kareena’s dietician Rujuta Diwekar was seen taking this issue on facebook live chat and she gave all the mothers to be a lot of tips about Post Natal yoga for weight loss. According to Rutuja if you have been working out and practicing yoga before pregnancy there are no reasons to stop during your pregnancy. It just makes it easier to get back to the workout routine postnatal. During her pregnancy, Kareena chose the Traditional Indian ‘’New Mother Diet’’. The traditional diet is all about calories, calories, and calories. She wanted to do it the conventional way, the right way. So she ate it all, but in the right quantities. She mentioned how her ghee laden parathas consequently led to a weight gain of 18 kgs.

Now the biggest task of getting back in shape post-pregnancy was not that easy. She said that she was pretty anxious to get back in shape but her trainer and dietician guided her in the right direction and suggested her to take progressive steps and not hasty decisions towards her weight loss journey. Post Natal yoga is really important as it helps you recover in a progressive way. Kareena practiced a lot of yoga for weight loss post her pregnancy. She is seen a lot attending her yoga sessions diligently. Post Natal yoga helps you to recover in many ways, mentally as well as physically.

Post pregnancy, women lose almost 5 years of calcium from their bodies. So it is also important to take a well-balanced diet for recovery. You cannot just go on that low calorie or low carb diet as recovery is equally important. Your body needs to recover from the heavy trauma it faced. So, it’s the perfect time to indulge in yoga for weight loss.

Post Natal Yoga can be a big help to shed those extra kilos and help you recover mentally and physically. Not only Kareena, but we’ve seen a lot of celebrities in the past advocating the benefits of yoga. Yoga has been in and around long and a lot of successful people have been indulging in yoga at least once a day in their busy routine.

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