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Post-Pregnancy Diet Guide 11 Foods for New Moms

Motherhood is a novel stage. You are bombarded with new responsibilities everyday! There is chaos and confusion for the minutest decisions. Right from what food to eat to what diapers to get, everything feels like mess. But dear new mothers, hail the new member in the family with love because we have got you covered at least on the food!

The best food guide for new moms:

A mother’s body goes through voluminous physical and emotional changes. To heal and recover from pregnancy and child birth, she requires adequate rest topped with the right nutrition. Also, your baby will grow and nourish on the type of food you eat.


Oranges and other fruits boost good quality breast milk production. They are also light and a great source of energy for new moms.



Proteins should be an important inclusion for new mothers. Pulses such as kidney beans and black beans are rich in iron and protein and are also an excellent breastfeeding food.


Low fat dairy products:

Low fat dairy products should be consumed to have sufficient calcium in the body. For breastfeeding mother, dairy products support in development of infant’s bones.

Low fat dairy products


Berries prove to be an incredible anti-oxidants, flushing toxins out of your body so that they do not endanger your baby if you are breastfeeding. They are also stacked with vitamins; minerals and eating a handful of them can keep you feel because of the carbohydrate content.


Brown rice:

If you desire to shed those extra pounds that you gained during pregnancy, substitute rice with brown rice. Brown rice also assists in producing good quality breast milk that will keep the toddler immune and strong. Consumption of brown rice unlike the normal rice will keep you less sluggish, giving you the energy to take care of the baby efficiently.

Brown rice


Egg yolk will aid in keeping the infant’s bones strong. Egg like the above mentioned foods is an outstanding breastfeeding food.


Whole wheat bread:

If you are bored with the regular food items, bread can be a good variant. Also whole wheat bread is loaded with fiber and iron that is good for the baby’s well-being.

whole wheat bread

Leafy greens:

When mothers were kids, they were forced by their mothers to eat green leafy vegetable. With age, the nutrients of a vegetable do not vanish. Green leafy vegetable are a marvelous source of non-dairy dietary calcium. If your baby is allergic to dairy foods, this can act as an alternative. They are multi-enriched with vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron that are crucial for a healthy baby.

leafy green


Salmon is a powerhouse filled with a fat called DHA that is vital for the development of newborn’s nervous system.



To keep the energy and milk bar at its peak, it is necessary to have enough fluids in the body. You can meet your daily fluid requisite with other fluids like juice, but nothing can substitute water.



Wholegrain cereals are best to beat the bloating or acidity that can be caused due to sleepless nights that the baby is bound to give you. They are filling and suffice the daily nutrient obligation.


Maintaining your diet in a way that both you and your baby meet the nutrient requirement is arduous. We at Healers at Home, provide personalized support so that both the mother and baby can refurbish and foster at the comfort of their home. As part of our mother and child care, we aim to provide affordable and comprehensive services right from prenatal consulting to postpartum nurturing for the toddler and amateur mother. Choose us to beat the motherhood blues!

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