Portable machines for Physiotherapy

Pain is an inevitable part of life and has the power to come see you without any prior intimation. On such occasions physical therapy complemented with pertinent machines rendered by certified physiotherapists is ultra-beneficial and can relive you from throbbing pain instantly. A typical sign of chronic pain is that it can occur anywhere and anytime thus making it essential for an individual to be aware about portable physiotherapy machines. Below is a list that will come in handy right when required:

  • Cervical Strap:

Similar to a lumbar strap but slightly shorter, cervical strap is also available in self-snag version. Cervical straps can be used to effectively perform exercises to beat C1/C2 restrictions. It is beneficial for effortlessly getting rid of throbbing neck pain and enhancing the overall neck movement.

  • Body massager:

For the times when inflammation in your muscles and joints has managed to leave you screaming in pain, body massager is a handy choice. Body massagers are portable, easy to use, and highly effectual in soothing the nerves and declining the soreness.

  • Lumbar strap:

Lumbar straps are the fun version of stretching your body parts in a way that it not only relaxes them but improves their functioning. It is an excellent for treatment of frozen shoulder, lower back pain and knee ache.

  • Spiky balls:

Favorite as our childhood playing memory, spiky balls are exceptional to roll away deep tissue muscle knots and tight muscles area. If you are too bored rolling the ball over yourself, the best part is you can play with it too! Spiky balls have a pointed body layering that is known to increase blood circulation throughout the body.

  • Hot and cold packs:

Hot and cold therapy is one of the widely used physiotherapy techniques which is used in instantaneous relief from joint pain and alleviation of inflammation. These packs have the potential to perform dual tasks of heating and cooling. All you have to do is, keep the pack in the refrigerator when you want to opt for cold therapy and heat in the microwave for hot and soothing therapy session. So for the times when you are definite to yell with pain, hot and cold packs have got your “back”! Literally!

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