Physical Therapy to Relieve Neck Pain

Those long hours in office not only comes with overtime salary but is also accompanied with neck pain. Poor sitting posture, past accident history, wear and tear due to arthritis or disc problems are common causes of neck pain. The pain persisting in the neck may be felt in diverse areas and often extends to the shoulders. Numbness, weakness or throbbing sensation in the neck or shoulders is a sign that you need to get yourself treated. With a sore neck it is difficult to adapt to the jerks and discomfort during your frequent visits to the doctor. Treat this stubborn neck pain with one of the most tranquil methods- Physiotherapy with Healers at Home under the guidance of certified industry experts.

Wondering what physical therapies are offered to treat neck pain?


Stretching and therapeutic exercises is one of the best physical therapy to treat enduring neck ache. Exercises like Static wall and Static extension prove to be favorable in healing the neck pain.

ExercisePostural Correction:

Those positions where you feel you are super comfy lying slyly in your bed and slouching at the dinner table are the culprits for your neck pain. When experts at Healers at Home sense that your neck pain is because of your incorrect posture, they might use a special lumbar support roll for better sitting posture.

Postural CorrectionSoothing deep tissue massages:

Chronic muscle tension builds up due to daily life stress. The therapist uses deep tissues massage technique to provide nippy relief by applying pressure and friction on soft tissues like ligaments, tendons and muscles. This eases the sore tissues and assists in breaking free from the pain.

Soothing deep tissue massages

Hot and cold Therapy:

By using the heat therapy, the therapist intends to pump more blood near the neck area because oxygen and nutrients in the blood heals muscle spasm thus liberating the pain.

Sometimes neck pain is caused due to inflammation of muscles. Cold therapy calms and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to deteriorate pain and muscle shudders. Therapists at Healers at Home alternatively use each therapy assessing your present condition.


Traction is a form of stretching where the therapist will try to stretch your neck area to facilitate easy movement and thus mobilize the spine. Traction can be performed physically by the practitioner or can be done with the help of a machine.

Experts from Healers at Home will assess your neck pain with the measures like the range of motion, strength, tenderness to palpitation and your posture. Based on these, optimum physiotherapy exercise paired up with other passive treatments from the ones listed above will be allotted with periodical reviewing. Healers at home promise to develop the best restoration plan at the best prices and take pride in owning potential to serve thousands of customers at suitability of their beloved home!





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