Physical therapy is basically a program in which various exercises are recommended. These exercises are usually stretching exercises which help in increasing the flexibility of certain joints and make specific muscles strong. Physical therapy is also used to enhance the blood flow in order to make the healing faster.

Inactivity during this therapy may lead to a negative impact. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain the flexibility of the body. Any help can be taken from the family members or friends or neighbors, if required. Maximum possible assistance should be taken before the ultimate surgery. Physical therapy for shoulders not only reduces the probability of surgery but also makes the shoulder muscles strong.

You should exercise according to the prescription of your doctor or a proper physical therapist. Following are the exercises normally recommended for shoulder pain:

1.Rubber Band Or Taffy Pull

This is a very simple exercise which involves the use of a rubber band. In this exercise a rubber band has to be pulled with the help of your hands keeping the elbows at your side. A 2 minutes rest is to be taken after every pull. This increases the strength of the shoulder muscles.

2.Supine Passive Exercise

This exercise is performed while lying down flat in a comfortable position. The affected hand’s wrist is to be held by the other hand and brought up straight at 90 degrees. After a minute or half it has to be brought back to rest.

3.Isometric Ball Squeeze

This particular exercise involves the use of a rubber ball. Both the elbows are to be positioned at your side and the ball is to be squeezed with both the hands. After holding it for some time, relax for some time.

4.Seated Passive Exercise

This exercise is performed while sitting in a comfortable position. It is quite similar to the supine passive exercise. While sitting, the wrist of the affected hand is to be held by the other hand. The hand is to be stretched away from the body and pulled back to the shoulder level.



5.Pendulum Exercise

This exercise uses a table for placing the other shoulder. In this exercise you have to bend forward with knees bent up to a certain limit. The affected shoulder should be set relaxed and the other should be place on the table. After making a proper posture, the affected arm has to be rotated or swung clockwise and anticlockwise.

All these exercise should be performed only after a proper advice from some doctor or a physical therapist.


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