Physical Therapy Benefits for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a stinging and throbbing sensation in the lower back that can be caused by a variety of problems. An irritation or hitch in the large nerve roots, smaller nerves, and large paired bone muscles can be a cause of the pain. Sometimes breaking of a ligament or bone or degeneration of an inter vertebral disc can cause the tingling. A bad posture is also one of the common causes of lower back pain even among st the younger generation.


How to deal with lower back pain?

Painkillers are temporary respites from the pain. Once the effect of the medicine vanishes, the pain kicks in. Physical therapies prove effective in the long run to restore bad lower back pain. There are 2 types of physical therapies:

Passive physical therapy:

Passive physical therapy is where things are done to the aggrieved person. Hot and cold technique where alternatively hot and cold packs are applied on the patient’s back or electrical stimulation is used.

Active physical therapy:

Active therapy is focused on the patient where he should manually perform a fixed set of exercises and stretching. Active exercise is the main emphasis for shrewd recovery of lower back pain and is assisted with passive physical therapy. For example, a heating pad can be applied before the session to warm up the body while an ice pack will be used after the exercise and stretching to soothe the muscles and nerves.

Benefits of physical therapy on lower back pain:

Improve overall functioning:

Physical therapists not only help to recuperate the problematic areas but also improve overall mobility and functionality. They help you to regain your motion and you can perform your daily tasks effortlessly.

Surgery can be dodged:

Knee or back surgeries should be avoided unless extremely mandatory. Surgery and prescribed medicines can be a good option for treatment of many disorders but there are zillions of evidences that prove comprehensive treatments like physiotherapy are more efficient and competent in the long run. The cherry on the top is that physical therapies tend to be way cheaper than surgery!

Complements post-surgery norms:

Physical therapy is customary to bring back the strength and stability after a surgery.


With impeccable and countless perks, physical therapy turns out to be the best choice for surgical or non-surgical care for back pain. We at Healers at Home make your journey with an already painful back less prickly by providing elite physiotherapists specialized in orthopedic or musculoskeletal problems right at your doorstep! With veracious treatment using active and passive physical therapies, our skilled and experienced therapists assess your condition and cause of the problem, draft a treatment plan which is reviewed periodically. Skip those expensive, bumpy rides to the hospital. Let’s heal at home!



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