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5 reasons to hire an Attendant for a Parkinsons patient

Parkinsons disease is a neurological disorder where a person’s brain stops producing dopamine. With less production of dopamine, a person has lesser ability to regulate his bodily movements and control his emotions. Symptoms of Parkinsons disease enforce an individual to opt for home attendant services or manually look after the patients. We understand the space and time that a Parkinsons patient can consume in the dependent’s life. Hence, we foster to extend our support in the form of elite home attendant services.

Here are 5 reasons why you need an attendant for a Parkinsons Patient:

  • Body transformations:

Parkinsons patient care

Parkinsons is characterized by body tremors that cause hindrance in performance of daily activities. Hiring home attendant services can assist in eating, support while walking, toileting, bathing etc. Attendants also assist in light housekeeping and preparation of meals for the patient.

  • Safety modifications:

Support and comfort

Tremors, rigidity and traumas affect a patient on either or both sides of the body causing movement problems. Falls tend to intensify and might lead to major injury. Home attendant services aid in effective planning and renovation of the house, where it is modified to avert any potential falls and injuries.

  • Personal hygiene:

Administering Hygiene

Extreme stiffness restrict a Parkinson patient to rest in a confined place. Thus the basic hygiene, grooming and dressing go for a toss. With friendly attendants from Healers at Home who are responsible towards their duties, you can be assured that personal hygiene needs with be superlatively taken care of.

  • Physical and medication management:

Attendant taking physical care

Patient care is incomplete without proper medication and exercise. Home attendant services facilitate adoption of routine exercises for regained motion or massages when required. This home attendant service ensures delivery of the right medication at the right time for proper care.

  • Support and companionship for a Parkinsons patient:

Parkinson's patient is happy

A Parkinsons patient is bed-ridden when in their last stage and might experience hallucinations and delusions. It is therefore advisable to have someone reliable, approachable and welcoming by their side constantly. The attendants help in building their trust, talking to them and building a real relationship of healing. Trouble in speech might make them feel low. They might want somebody to talk to who would understand despite of their disability especially in dependent’s absence.

Adopting home attendant services can prove constructive in innumerable ways while enhancing patient’s health. Opt for the best home attendant services today while you administer utter ease for your loved ones!

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