One Yoga Pose at time- Russian Dancer who quits her job to travel the world!!


People plan to travel for few days or weeks, each year.

Ekaterina Terenina quit her dancer life in Irkutsk, Russia, in order to achieve her dream of travelling the world – one yoga pose at a time.

The yoga instructor reveals that she was completely uninterested in everything, tired from work and had no personal life, which drove her to physical lethargy and low self-esteem.

That was the moment she decided something needed to change.This led her to Nepal where she discovered the real essence of Yoga, the art.

Her experience in Nepal fortified her dream of becoming someone who is expert in the study and practice of yoga, i e., a ‘Yogi’.
‘For her, yogi is a person who listens to their heart, trusts in the universe and of’ course applies yoga into their daily live.

‘Her advice is that one doesn’t need to be afraid to go where one wants to go and wants to be. ‘The world is open to any person if the person is open to the world.’

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