Office Exercises-4 Office Desk Exercises To Ease Back Pain Part

Back pain is the most common side-effect of a sedentary lifestyle or job. Imagine sitting in the exact posture for over 8 hours every day! Back pains are bound to catch you. Chronic back pain if taken lightly can aggravate and take overall health for a toss. Like said prevention is better than cure, there are 4 simple exercises to follow to dodge the back pain trauma:

Substitute calls with walks:

Avert evitable tasks right from calling the peon so that he can get your perfect tea or the urgent file to calling a colleague for taking breaks. Get up each time you want to opt for a task. This is the best exercise as your constantly get up, walk and sit back. Your muscles fall at ease due to movement.

Torso twist:

Take a deep breath when you sit straight on the chair and hold the back of the chair with your right hand. Now as you exhale twist your waist as much as possible while your left hand reaches the arm of the chair. Hold for a few seconds and get back to the early posture. Repeat on the other side.

torso twist

Leg Hug pose:

Leg hug pose is a varied version of bear hugging yourself. Make sure your chair is supported on a wall if it has wheels. Once assured, place your legs flat on the ground. Now lean down so that your chest touches the knees and hands are dangling. Next hold your legs with your hands in a way that your right wrist has tightly clasped the left wrist and vice versa. You should feel your back stretched while you execute.
Reverse arch:

Sit on the front of the chair interlacing your finger or palms (whichever is comfortable) with each other behind the back. Once the position is attained take a deep breath pushing your shoulders to the back. Once the brim of extending your shoulders is achieved, hold the position and exhale the air out.

reverse arch

Chronic back pain is followed with strain to perform even basic chores like bending. Back pain caused due to a desk job or staying put in one place can be eliminated with physical therapy for back pain. Perpetual back pain can be extremely discomforting forcing you to stay indoors but can be alleviated by physiotherapists for back pain. With Healers at Home, proficient and expert physiotherapists cater physical therapy for back pain at your comfort at affordable rates. Why put your health at stake when you can effortlessly heal at home?

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