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Nurturing Your Vision – ICARE Eye Hospital

“We couldn’t expect a treatment more good than what we had, the doctor was no less than a miracle for us,” says Ramesh Shah, 24. While traveling back home from our office, he had a terrible accident and an intricate wound on his eye. The injury affected the eyelid and there were bleeding and pain. He was scared for the issue of the eye is sensitive and he felt he could be blind. The family was all worried and under pressure, for it’s not easy to afford expensive eye treatments for a middle-class family.

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Seeing him in pain, his father started to look for hospitals in Delhi-NCR which provide eye treatments. He visited a few hospitals but the expenses were extravagant.  The situation was critical for both Ramesh and his family. Through a family friend, they came to know about ICARE EYE HOSPITAL.

Ramesh’s father, Mr. Shah decided to finally go to that place for he could not see his son juggling with pain and fear anymore. Shivering with agony, Mr. Shah took Ramesh to the hospital. As soon as the situation was talked about with the receptionist, a doctor was assigned to take his care. The consultation was professional and very sensitively dealt with. The staff was very caring and generous. On the economic front, the treatment didn’t seem to be a hard drive for Mr. Shah. “The best thing about the whole process was their honesty. No extra commissions, no extraordinary taxes, no unexplained charges, nothing,” says Mr. Shah.

ICARE Hospital is located in sector 26, Noida and has a number of services to offer as far as eye care is concerned. We, at Healers at Home, care about our readers and aim to ensure best healthcare services for everyone. Healthcare and wellness services should be accessible by anyone from anywhere.

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