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Home nursing services for post-ICU care

A person is operated in ICU or Intensive Care Units in case of special cases where the condition of the patient is extremely delicate, tender and critically ill. Once the patient is discharged from an ICU, the patient is entitled to attend follow-up clinics as out-patients and recovery sessions conducted by doctors. The aim is to provide support and guidance for people who have had an intense stay over a week. This guidance can be is mandatory and can be availed comfortably for you and for your loved ones who have recently had an extended stay in intensive care for over a week. Here is why you need a nurse for post-ICU care

Nurse helping patient for post-ICU care

  • Caretaker + companion = Quick healing!

Healers at Home is the right mélange of providing holistic care taker and a companion to cater to every patient who is battling their illness and wants to doge against the discomfort of frequent hospital visits. When expertize of the care taker combines with their emotional support the patients tend to refurbish faster from their ailments.

  • Distinguished needs:

Patients who have once been under intensive care are in need of high end infrastructure configuration, constant mental and physical support along with optimum medical care. These requisites can be fulfilled or aided in fulfilling only by proficient nurses. Nurses at Healers at Home are head-picked from the best colleges in India with over 4+ years to industry experience and handling diverse range of patients.

  • Deteriorate medical cost:

When a patient is released from an ICU, he is expected to be under supervision for a stipulated time. When this patient is kept in hospitals, the bills rises sky high. This money can be easily saved by opting for home nursing services.

  • One binding key for all:

A nursing attendant provided in home nursing services is the gap filler between doctors, patients and family members. The nurse effectively communicates with family members and doctors to convey the status of the patient while is an affectionate shoulder for the patient.

  • Post-ICU care:

The role of a home nursing attendant is not limited to timely medication and meals. Our adept nurses look after quality care in case of post-ICU cases where general nursing chores like monitoring of signs, food pipe insertions, bladder wash are followed along with tracheostomy care, IV fluid management or total parenting nutrition.

Opting for post- ICU home nursing services with Healers at Home is a package of comradeship and recovering with the right equipment for critical care, love and medication amongst your loved ones.

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