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Nursing: A Trusted and Respected Profession

India is a country where we are taught to chase the herd more than our passion. With a whopping population of around 1.3 billion, we are sure that a huge chunk of mass belongs to the doctor, MBA and engineer community. Not saying that it is wrong, all we are asking is how many of them wanted to become one? Nursing is a respectable profession but is not as outreached and appreciated as it should be. So creating our bit of awareness, Healers at Home is here to highlight how it all pioneered and how our life would have been without it.

How it all began?

It all commenced in 300 AD when the Roman Empire undertook the duty of building the hospital in every town for the wellbeing of their citizens. The doctors were not able to fulfill the demand, and this is where nurses became their second hand.

The nursing industry saw significant revolutions especially after the Crimean War in 1850 where Florence Nightingale rendered tenacious care to the injured soldiers. In this phase, it was observed that there was lack of hygiene and improper steps for recuperation thus leading to the launch of the first nursing school in London in 1860. St. Stephan’s Hospital, Delhi started training for nurses from 1867. They molded the most outstanding nurses who made remarkable contributions in the nursing industry in India.

How to take up nursing in India?

The Indian Nursing Council (INC) mandates either of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife(ANM) or General Nursing Midwifery(GNM) or BSc in nursing for an individual to make a career in one.

The revolutionary home nursing services

The ultimate aim of nursing services is to ensure amended vigor, robustness and better quality of life. The nursing arcade realized that nothing beats the enrichment of getting on the road to recovery with convenience by its side. This acknowledgement escorted to the launch of home nursing services where certified nurses obliged to their duties of restoring the form of sick individuals without keeping their expediency at stake.

What does home nursing care include?

Home nursing care services is an excellent way to dodge frequent visits to the hospital. Also, it helps you to save a bomb on hospitalization expenses like room rent, etc.

Nurses from Healers at Home are handpicked from A-grade colleges that adept enough to cater to personalized post-operative or wound care, infusions, vaccinations and other treatments without a glitch; at the snug of your abode!

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