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Nipah Virus – Things You Need To Know Right Now.

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The outbreak caused by the new sensation in the medical world – NIPAH (NiV) Virus in Kerala is serious. The whole country is panicked about the disease as it has cost us 12 lives already and the doctors are struggling to create a vaccine.

Here are some points you have to know about the NiV today –

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  1. Nipah Virus is usually causes inflammation of brain which results in a fever for several days without break. Signs vary from an intense neurological disorder like disorientation to various other pulmonary and respiratory symptoms.
  2. This virus can be spread both by animals and humans. The hosts are fruit bats for this virus. So avoid contact with the infected human and as a preventive measure, avoid consumption of date palm for some time now.
  3. There is no existing medical procedure to deal with this virus and no vaccinations have been developed yet but research is going in the healthcare world to curate an efficient solution.
  4. Since the infection can spread via simple physical touch, one should avoid any physical contact or contact with saliva, sweat or a cough. Also, people who are taking care of the patient should cover themselves from masks and wear gloves.
  5. While rearing animals like piglets, ensure that a safety barrier is there and avoid any kind of direct contact. Also, since bats are the main cause behind the spread of Nipah, keep bats away from other animals. Also carefully consume the fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to wash them with care before consumption.

The spread is increasing and has proved fatal in as many as 40% of cases. Indian Government is making the best of efforts to come up with a quick medical solution but till then, don’t avoid simple symptoms like flu that last longer than usual or neurological symptoms like persistent confusion. If you detect something is wrong, consult your doctor as soon as possible for proper care.

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