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Newborn Care Feeding, Sleep & Development Tips

Newborn babies are so wonderful aren’t they? With those small giggles is followed loud growling! Peaceful sleep for the baby is another sleepless night for the mother. Not anymore! Healers are home are here with awesome tips and tricks so that you can strike the right balance between baby’s and your schedules.

Feeding tips:

Newborns do not learn things inside a womb. Even feeding needs to be taught. Feed your infant like a bro with these tips:

  • Try to feed the baby while you can rest. Lie in a horizontal position and then latch the baby to your nipple.
  • Once you have breast-fed your baby, it is important to burp the infant. An ideal method of burping is where you hold your baby against your chest and pat gently on the back.
  • Feed your baby every 2 hours for the first 12 weeks.
  • You will know that the baby is full once the baby turns away from your nipple.

Feeding tips

Sleeping tips:
Sleeping is one of the most tedious tasks while raising a baby. But as mothers you should know sleep for your baby=sleep for you. Put your infant to sleep without any trouble with the below tactics:

  • How annoying it will be when you try to sleep and the baby gets up! To avert this, dream feed the baby. Fill the toddler’s tummy right before you put them to sleep.
  • If you desire a peaceful night sleep, limit the daytime naps. If the baby naps for more than 2 hours each time, wake them up and play with them.
  • Remember the way you put the baby to sleep during the first 2 months will create a sleep association with the toddler. If you create an extremely silent and dim environment with constant swaying and singing, they will look forward to similar action every time you want to put them to sleep. Stick to the basics and treat them like grown up kids avoiding any extras.

Sleeping tips

Development tips:

Baby’s development begins way before the toddler is born. Apt care needs to be taken to boost the development after birth.

  • Talking, singing or basically engaging with your baby is the first and foremost step towards development.
  • As the baby grows, let them explore their senses by letting them play with more colorful toys or try rubbing soft/rough/cold/hot things in her hands to promote toddler’s motor skills.
  • Avoid watching TV or showing around mobile phones to the baby until they turn 1.

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