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New Treatments and Innovations in Physiotherapy

With the trust that people put on Healers at Home, we feel obliged to spread some knowledge among st our fully-satisfied customers so that they can avail home care physiotherapy with enhanced awareness. We realize that physiotherapy exercises are one of the best ways to recover and refurbish the lost stamina or strength. With any lifestyle renovation, physiotherapy service also adapts itself to suit best and effective as home care physiotherapy treatment. Following are the new treatments and innovations done in the field of physiotherapy:


1.Emphasis on movement:

Initially physiotherapy was only taken to regain health after an accident or injury. But today, the approach for conducting physiotherapy exercises has evolved. Home care physiotherapy is now a bunch of physiotherapy exercises for:

  • Overall body flexibility.
  • Core strength
  • Muscular strength.
  • Revamp injured muscle/ligament/joint.
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Rejuvenation of WBC
  • Physiotherapy exercise to avert the effect of future injuries
  • Better muscle immunity.

2.Latest Technologies:

Some of the newest upgrades in physiotherapy services are jotted down below:

The Esko Suit:

Esko suit is designed especially for people who are unfortunate to rely on wheel chair for movement. Esko suit used to help such people gain their in dependency and prevent lower body deterioration. Esko suit that is made up of titanium and platinum is attached to the injured body part for effortless movement. It is currently used only in 15 rehabilitation centers in USA and is expensive for common masses.

Rehabilitation boots:

Rehabilitation boots or robots detect post-stroke impairments to pick the exact and reason of pain that in turn helps to formulate home care physiotherapy exercises in line with the problem.

physiotherapy exercises

Repetitive movements paired with innumerable variations of physical therapy prove to benefit the injured in a faster and better way. Physiotherapy is a perfect combination of personalized and scientific programmed treatments. Home care physiotherapy should be not considered as an alternative to revamp health after an injury but should be opted as a measure to thwart any injury and to enable physiotherapy exercises as a stepping stone to vigorous and active future. Opt for physiotherapy with Healers at Home, where our handpicked experts from renowned universities are updated with the right knowledge and techniques and are well-versed with the current technology to satiate your need!

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