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National Conference on “Technology and Innovations in Healthcare Delivery”.

Kshitij Garg, Founder of Healers at Home had the golden opportunity of delivering a talk on “Technology and Innovations in Healthcare Delivery” alongside with esteemed speakers like Shri Satyender Jain, Cabinet & Health Minister Delhi at the PHD Chamber Delhi.

Shri Satyendra Kumar Jain started with a great saying that Human being is the best gadget ever made on earth which indeed is true. We sometimes forget the power of human mind, how huge innovative changes it can make  & also has already made.

Innovation is nothing new – doing the same thing in a simple way and executable manner. Human intervention plus technology is innovation. Healers at Home works on similar ideologies which give priority to its clients and healers. HAH is an innovative idea of healthcare right at your doorsteps just a click away with the use of technology.

He revolutionized the healthcare sector by introducing changes like Free MRI for people in Delhi for Radio diagnostics. Instead of investing a huge amount of money in new machinery he increased the utility of the existing MRIs in Delhi. He mentioned, “In life, we can try to solve complex problems with some simple solutions, For example, if we want to avoid wasting time in traffic, or in waiting queues of healthcare services we can simply turn to home healthcare service providers.” Another change is that he removed the salary system for the doctors in Delhi mohalla clinic instead, introduced incentive based salary. The simple thought behind the same is that the credibility of a Doctor can be easily measured by the satisfaction of the patients. Adding to pragmatic solutions, he also made Private hospital free for victims of road accidents if government hospitals are at distant.

In the talk Founder, Kshitij Garg mentioned Healers at Home works on the Marketplace model providing home health care services with the help of technology. Startups don’t have any preconceived notions as it a fresh idea without knowing the concrete outcomes, therefore, one has to go out and make it happen. He further added to the Sh. Satyendra Kumar  Jain’s point about the payroll system of the doctors that at Healers at Home our healers are appointed on the same as he was suggesting.

Altogether these Steps makes a huge difference in the Health Sector and encourage us to explore at home services.


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