Myths and Facts about Knee Pain & Its Treatment

Internet comes with its own set of perks and rip-offs. While it guides individuals to detect early signs of a problem, it inevitably leads to self-treatment which in-turn hampers the overall process of retrieval. Whether you are 18 or 80, knee pain is common; but the lesser acknowledged point is that the causes are not! While physiotherapy for knee pain might be a resolution for one, mere resting can be for another.


Do not fall prey to virtual world trap, read below to understand widely existing misconceptions and reality about knee pain:

Myth #1: Knee pain is due to arthritis.

Fact: Knee pain can be due to countless reasons which include soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, sedentary lifestyle, long hours of standing, etc. which can be effortlessly cured with simple exercises for knee joint pain.

Myth #2: Surgery is the only way to treat knee pain.

Fact: Surgery is only the last resort to get rid of knee pain. Physiotherapy for knee pain paired with other therapies like hot and cold therapy, hydrotherapy and exercises are executed first. When performed with due diligence, physiotherapy for knee pain can exterminate the need for a surgery.


Myth #3: Exercise can aggravate knee pain.

Fact: Exercise is beneficial for everyone, with or without knee pain. Exercise for knee joint pain works on a simple principle- Use it or lose it! So basically, the more you move your knees, the better is the range of motion. Exercise for knee pain might twinge in the beginning, but repetitive movement certainly eases the discomfort.

Myth #4: Do not run/squat to avert knee pain.

Fact: As per research by Hansen P, at the University Of Orthopedic Center, Salt Lake City, moderate volume runners are at zero risk to develop conditions like osteoarthritis as compared to others. If you have a sore knee, avoid running till you have completely healed.

For people who find the reason ‘Do not squat to inhibit knee pain’  appealing to skip leg days; Bummer! The basic function of the knee is to bend, so it is perfectly okay for you to squat and kick out the fear it brings.

Myth #5: Knee pain cannot be blocked.

Fact: Though knee pain is developed by people as they grow old, it is NOT part and parcel of life. So this means that you can definitely take a few precautions to waive it off. Try strategic exercises like knee extension, yoga for knee pain, maintain a healthy lifestyle and strictly say no to idle sitting.

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