Morning Yoga Exercises to do Before Leaving Your Bed.

For the love of cozy couches and complementing warm blankets, lazy beings never run out of excuses to miss the gym. What if we say it is absolutely okay if you do not go to the gym? Too good to believe? Click below to know!


5 easy morning yoga exercises:


Balasana is an excellent way to physically wake up your body as this pose can open up your thighs, hips, and ankles thus giving you a power boost to start a day. Sit on your bed with knees inverted and torso touching your heels. Inhale, raise your hand and exhale as you stretch your hands as forward as possible.2Happy baby pose:

Not everyone is a morning person. Some embrace mornings like a chirpy bird while some dread to even look at human faces. But this yoga practice at home will allow even the crankiest individuals to clasp the positivity that mornings bring. Lying on your back, hug your knees keeping it close to your chest. Now grab your feet, ankles or back of the legs to pull the knees towards the floor alongside your chest to witness stress leaving your body!


Supta Matsyendrasana:

When even after a good night’s sleep, you get up feeling groggy, Supta Matsyendrasana will imbibe the energy into you. Also known as the reclined twist, this morning yoga exercise literally squeezes out the anxiety from your body.

With your feet rested flat on the bed and arms on the side of your body; bend one of your knees towards your chest and grasp it tightly with both your hands. Now using the left hand for the right leg, press the knee towards the left side of your body and put the right hand parallel to the ground. Hold the position and repeat with the other knee. You can also keep a pillow or any yoga block under your head for additional support

4Cow face pose:

To be able to evacuate the lethargy to merely get out of bed, all you need to do is resort to a simple yoga practice at home that involves seated poses. Cow pose is where you have to sit and place your right bent knee over the left knee. Once your hips are locked to the bed, raise your left arm and place it on your upper back followed by inserting right arm from the side with palm facing out. As you do this, try to hook both of your hands and feel the energy building inside you!6


Sukh means bliss and all it takes is a cross-legged body and a little willingness to get some! Sit with your legs overlapped, concentrate on your breathing and allow your mind to roam freely in a zone of serenity. With Sukhasana you will reach your happy place in no time!


The whole and sole reason for you resorting to yoga practice at home is either because you are too busy or too sluggish. Either way; not wanting you to find another reason to skip morning yoga exercises, Healers at Home provides certified tutors to your residence. Whether you need the vital motivation or a hand with yoga asanas, we assure to do it all with sheer finesse! Book a session with us and be ready to welcome mornings like never before!

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