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Merits of Hiring a Japa maid PostNatal

Joint families are like modern life dinosaurs, because like the latter they fail to exist! Everybody wants to lead a life with utmost liberation but fail to analyze the cost at which it comes. Initially, when a woman was in her pregnancy phase, she was bestowed with the immense love and care by not only her family members but with everyone around her, unlike now, where the love is endless but the care fails to suffice due to physical distance.With nuclear family pitching in, it gets extremely arduous for the couple to cope with the optimal care a would-be mother calls for. This is where the concept of Japa maids took birth. Japa is the traditional, authentic and dead-on way to pay heed to the prerequisites of the neonatal baby as well as the mother in a way that they stay hale and hearty. Imperative for a period of 30-45 days, japa maids offer their services beyond that in cases where it is demanded.

Why should you hire a Japa maid?

  • Elude postpartum depression:

Fatigue and lack of emotional backing are the major triggers for the common condition called postpartum depression that can be conquered with a helping hand available in the form of a postnatal nurse.


  • Professional support system:

A new mother, as blissful and joyous she is on becoming one ironically has to go through an emotional and physical turmoil too. The feeling of losing independence, fear of disproportionate body shape, deprived attention of the husband, and panic about not being able to cater responsibilities as a mother are few of the many anguishes a mommy faces. A lady who is now a mater wants her mother to pacify her thoughts, and japa maid promises to be a temporary yet suitable substitute!


  • Impeccable guide to the novelty:

Whether it is a woman’s first time or not, she does entail a japa maid who can aid her to go through the baby care dos and don’ts. Japa maids can be a beacon for providing education of how to bathe, burp and feed the toddler. Every toddler is different, but with the kind of exposure every japa maid has received, she knows the knacks to deal uniquely with all.


  • A shoulder for miscellaneous work:

Having a baby in the house is an involuntary invitation for double work. How you ask? Endless sessions of toileting thus endless session of washing off the soiled clothes, timely meal preparations, ensuring hygiene and the most tedious one putting the baby off to sleep! These obligations can be fulfilled by the maids so that the mother can get sufficient time for herself, family and the other child if any.

japa maid

  • Stamping on salubriousness:

In cases where the mother and child are deprived of even the slightest upkeep, it has the power to detriment their health in the long run. Japa maid is a way of latching onto well-being as the skilled supervision is a comprehensive mix of health-enhancing techniques like massage therapy for both the mother and the baby, customized nutrition plan for undisturbed milk flow, a physical activity flowchart for apt weight management etc.


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