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Maintaining Healthy Work-Life Balance with Corporate Yoga

Out of all the seven days in the week, as working professionals, we all hate Mondays from the bottom of our hearts. Laughing over Monday memes, taking our favorite meals to work and reading countless motivational quotes helps us to beat our Monday blues. What if we say a simple session of corporate Yoga can actually make you look forward to so dreadful Mondays?

Why corporate yoga?

Yoga for corporates is a newfangled and practical approach to keep both the employers and employees at their best. Here how:

  • Superior concentration:

Daydreaming is a common occasion in office. We stare blankly at our computer screens to only realize an hour before leaving that we have practically achieved nothing and the boss is going to whack us in no time. Corporate yoga cut some slack by calming the detrimental horses in your head down!

  • Virtuous vigor:

Yoga is one of the proven practices used to boost robustness. It is known to not only enhance the physical conditions, but it also gives a golden touch to the mental health. A mentally and physically fit employee can only delivery his best!

  • Stress management:

If we had a metaphor for a workplace, it would be a gas stove because the pressure in there is always high and on fire! With inculcation of particular asanas and amplified performance levels due to precise mental and physical health, the stress levels automatically begin to drop.

  • Team relations:

Modern day lifestyle has compelled us to stick on our screen for hours. When sessions of corporate yoga are organized in the workplace, it lets the employees stay clear from virtual worlds and have a real life conversation with their teammates, team leaders, and bosses. Such banters eventually benefit the professional ambiance as it is easier for communication to commence from top-level to lower-level management and vice versa.

  • Happy employees= Happy Business:

Employees with above average yield, near to zero absenteeism and bang on caliber deliver matchless results for the entity. As the stress is constantly under the bay, employees will be zesty thus shooting their retention percentage. Remember that customers are vital or the business and your employees handle the vitality. Make sure to keep both contended by only pleasing the employees!

What do you need for corporate yoga?

  • Any area small or big, in or outside the office premises that will fit all the employees.
  • A certified tutor from Healers to Home to assess the physical condition of each employee and recommend pertinent aid.
  • A little will and dedication to learn!corporate-yoga-500x500
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