Lower Back Pain Treatment: Exploring Non-Surgical Options

Whether it due to indispensable wear and tear or an unhealthy lifestyle, back pain is unbearable and demands immediate attention. With medical advancements, it is now possible to treat even the most tedious ailments with surgery. But what if we say that there are effective and affordable non-surgical options for treatment of back pain?

  • Muscle relaxants:

Popular as a depressant for the central nervous system, as muscle relaxants augment the mobility of the tense muscles by relieving pain, spasms and inflammation, it can be a quick measure to get rid of throbbing back pain. But muscles relaxants are incompetent in the long run for chronic pain management.


  • Back braces:

Like dental braces put the teeth into shape, back braces are used to render immense comfort to the vertebral column in a way that there is a reduced pain. Inelastic corset style brace keeps the back in the apt posture and when paired with physiotherapy for back pain can reap astonishing results. In the early detection of back problems, resorting to back braces can do the needful.


  • Manual manipulation:

A certified chiropractor has the potential and qualification to make adjustments to your spine in a way that the kinesis is at its peak while ensuring that the pain is minimal or non-existent. Hand thrusts of differential pressure, speed and intensity are applied to the spinal cord for back pain treatment. Manual manipulation is combined with physiotherapy exercises for quick and better pain relief.


  • Acupuncture:

As per ancient Chinese medical beliefs, acupuncture on the body can correct ‘qi’ or the life force that is directly linked to salubriousness. It was observed that a balanced qi leads to decreased stinging and discomfort in the body. A typical session of acupuncture is where fine needles are placed on the skin for about an hour after. It is proven to be excellent for expeditious respite from backaches.


  • Massage therapy:

When applied to the lower back, massage therapy not only mandates overall ease in the body but considerable alleviates the twinge. This is because when massage therapy is catered, the blood flow rushes to the lower back and bestows essential nutrients and oxygen to the damaged muscles. Backaches that are caused by muscle spasms, strains, and internal soreness can be effortlessly soothed with massage therapy.Woman Receiving Back Massage in Spa Center

  • Physiotherapy for back pain:

Physiotherapy for lower back pain is a holistic, unique and bespoke approach to kick out back pain like it never existed. Though mandatory post-surgery, physiotherapy exercises are also a cheap alternative to surgery. Comprising of active and passive physical therapy, it smoothly amplifies the overall condition of your spine while regaining its original functionality. Passive therapy includes techniques like hot and cold therapy wherein rehabilitation measures are done on the sufferer wherein in active therapy; the treatment is executed by the patient himself in the form of physiotherapy exercises, stretching, etc.


We say avoid surgery because nobody wants to spend on a bomb on something that can be recuperated in a quarter of the surgery and hospitalization charges. Keep surgery as the last resort only when everything else has failed to yield the desired results. Still sulking over a backache? Hit us up at Healers at Home where we arrange a crackerjack physiotherapist to stop by at your place and aid you to get back to a stage where a backache is non-existent!



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