Lower Back Pain: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

If you’ve forgotten how your back feels like without the stinging, it is time you to paid heed before it turns chronic and serious. Here is a comprehensive guide to the potential causes, diagnosis and pertinent treatment of back pain.

Causes of back pain:

The spinal cord is a complex structure. It is made of interconnecting ligaments, nerves, joints, and muscles that work together as a team to provide endless support needed to perform daily tasks efficiently. Even the slightest glitch on the structure can give you an ache that is nearly unbearable and can affect your overall functionality, flexibility, and strength. A common myth being that only an injury can cause lower back pain but the fact is it there can be countless reasons associated with the same.

  • Strain and sprain:

Sudden exertion on the back while lifting or in cases when you have a series of repetitive actions that affect the back directly can cause a strain on the lower back. Poor posture is one of the common reasons of strain.

  • Osteoarthritis:

With age comes involuntary wear and tear which leads to inflammation and instability of the disc and facet joints thus making the ache inevitable.

  • Past mishaps:

In car accidents or intense falls, there is a possibility of a fracture or dislocation that ends up being a culprit for back pain. When physiotherapy for back pain is not availed on such occasions, it might trigger back pain in the future.

  • Degenerative disc disease:

Intervertebral discs that are full of water depletes with age and time. As the hydration goes for a toll, the disc is unable to take even the slightest of pressure and might develop tears causing herniation or collapse altogether and contribute to stenosis.

  • Spinal stenosis:

The spinal canal that exists in the back is the home place for nerve roots. When this spinal canal narrows, it instigates pricking in the lower back pain.

Other less common grounds of back pain include tumor, infection and autoimmune diseases.


When you’ve had unnerving attempts in getting rid of your throbbing back pain, it is probably because there has been no correct diagnosis for cause and treatment. For right diagnosis, you need an expert physiotherapist that assesses your condition based on:

  • Palpation:

Palpation means analyzing the state by feel on the hand to locate inflexibility, joint abnormalities, internal or external swelling.

  • The range of motion:

A certified physiotherapist twists and swirls your body in a way that he can judge the cause of the pain based on your level of discomfort at each position.

  • Leg raise test:

A physiotherapist will make the patient lie on his back and ask the patients to raise his leg as high and straight as possible. If the leg raise causes pain in the back, a herniated disc is suspected.

Back pain treatment

Like one size doesn’t fit all, not every cause of back pain can be rectified in the same way. Generally, basic cases of lower back pain can be treated by simply resting. If not, the following treatments can be availed:

  • Physiotherapy exercises:

Stretching of the lower back, buttocks and hamstrings along with suitable physiotherapist exercises help the muscles to support the weight of the upper body in a way that the back is less pressurized.

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to cure musculoskeletal maladies in a way that the fundamental soundness is revived. Physiotherapy for back pain is a unique combination of therapeutic techniques like hydrotherapy, heat and cold therapy, acupuncture, massages, etc. As these knacks are focused on evacuating the problems from its roots, the recuperation is unswerving.

When no treatment for lower back pain manages to fit your bill, surgery is the last resort. Why opt for surgery when you have a strong chance of recuperating from the ailment without spending a bomb and at the convenience of your home? Buzz us at Healers at Home, where a qualified physiotherapist drops by to look into your diseases to diagnose and treat it with befitting physiotherapy exercises for back pain.

Back Pain

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