Knee Pain- Symptoms, Diagnosis and Pain Relief

We constantly see our elders complaining about severe knee pain. We feel extremely traumatic because the knee ache prohibits them from performing even basic tasks like standing or sitting. Knee pain can be of mild or high intensity caused by muscle strain or normal wear and tear. In either case, knee problem should never be ignored.

Diagnosis of a knee pain:

Diagnosis is the first step towards remedy. Diagnosing what the ailment is depends upon the symptoms during physical and medical examination. Knee is one of the most crucial organs in the body, so any harm to the knee and you might be restricted to even move. Why not take the precautions and self-diagnose to start the treatment early? Normal knee sprain or an actual knee injury? Confused? If you say a painful yes to the following symptoms, you need to visit a doctor immediately!

Inflammation and swelling:

Every type of knee injury minor or major is followed with slight inflammation around the knee area. If swelling develops within 48 hours of injury, it might be a ligament tear. If it comes on gradually without any major hurt, it indicates a knee problem called bursitis.



Pain near the knee area:

Kneeling down puts a lot of pressure on the knees. When your job or daily routine demands a lot of bending, it will aggravate conditions like arthritis. People who are overweight tend to have pain in the knee due to extra pressure and weight. The pain might also persist due to a ligament tear or sports injury.

Pain near the knee area

Knee making unusual noise

A sudden popping noise at the time of injury usually indicates a ligament injury or a cartilage tear. Continuous clicking when the knee moves usually highlights an ongoing knee problem such as chondromalacia patella.

Treatment of knee pain:

A knee pain that is perpetual is a chronic knee pain while a knee pain that has developed because of an injury is temporary. Chronic knee pain is actually due to a blend of innumerable conditions and ailments. Diagnosis of the type of knee pain required conduction of test like blood test, physical examination or X-rays, and other tests. Painkillers and other treatments is a temporary avenue of easing the throbbing in the knee. At Healers at Home, we have several high skilled physiotherapists with over 4+ years of experience in this challenging domain. Knee or any joint pain can be rightly tackled with physiotherapy. Knee broken patients are obliged for minimal movement and visits to the physiotherapist can exacerbate their grievance. With infinite reasons for a knee pain, it is important to adopt the right remedy! We at Healers at Home, aim to provide you the best of comfort in sickness and health right at the comfort of your pleasant home!

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