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Keep Elderly Patients Safe with Best Nursing Care

A nursing care services plan is like a flow chart comprising of a step to step guidance for optimal recuperation from an ailment. Like one size doesn’t fit all, it is impossible to have a universal care plan for every health condition. Elder care services are generally availed when either the offspring is unable to allot sufficient time for their parents or when professional assistance is inevitable needed in cases of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or cardiac arrhythmia. To assure that your elderly care services provider is doing the needful; below given is an all-encompassing guide for serious maladies:

1. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Being a hindrance for the cognitive functions and capabilities of an individual, elder care here revolves around bettering the victim’s way of living in the following ways:

  • Assistance with communication especially in cases of slurring, disorientation and sudden memory downfall.
  • Aid them to adjust in the already old environment.
  • Indispensably paying heed to eating and sleeping habits.
  • Imbibe patience into the sufferer’s family.
  • Check for limited range of motion or any other disability and sudden change in behavioral traits.
  • Restricting consumption of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Evaluating olfactory, gustatory and auditory clarity.

2. Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s disease is a threat for complete disability that generally starts with unmatched motor skills and immobility that compels apt elder care services.The level of dependence can be diminished with:

  • Going easy with patient’s vigor and energy level.
  • Rendering unrivaled help with toileting, eating, dressing, walking and similar tasks.
  • Offering bodily movement at regular intervals for the patient to feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Taking measures to not let physical immobility affect the verbal communication and muscles. These steps include performance of facial exercises like smiling, frowning etc.
  • Putting across positive thoughts, ideas and outlook into the patient’s life.
  • Stressing on nutrition filled diet.
  • Teaching the patient’s family to stay lenient towards the needs of the sufferer.

3. Cardiac Arrhythmia:

When there are abnormal electrical conductions that lead to irregular heart rate and rhythm, it leads to cardiac arrhythmia. It is generally caused by a heart disorder, a systematic problem or imbalance in the electrolyte in the body. Heart being the flag-bearer of good health commands immediate and special attention. As this condition is common during the old age, senior care service is a good way to look into the matter closely and retrieve optimally.

  • Regularly noting down the pulse rate and checking for any abnormality.
  • Monitoring variation in blood pressure, skin color, respiration, consciousness level, body temperatures etc.
  • Determining the type of arrhythmia type; high, low premature contractions.
  • Taking efforts to keep the pulse rate normal by infusing breathing techniques and relaxation massages into the care plan.
  • Taking notes on any factors that are causing or aggravating chest pain.
  • Ensuring timely intake of medication.
  • Availing immediate medical intervention in case of heart beat drop, dizziness, chest pain or signs of fainting.                                                                                                                              imp

Abiding to the vital dictates of the above stated conditions is arduous for a near and dear one. So,elder care services are an undeniable support that is needed and the one available from Healers at Home is at your doorstep, at minimal costs and maximum convenience! Why let your aged parents suffers when you can abet them to heal at home?



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