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Involving Grandchildren in Effective, Loving Elderly Care

As kids, we have all tried to get our grandparents attention to take a sly escape from parent’s scolding. This is because grandparents and grandchildren have this special bond that flows beyond words. Some working couples opt for old age homes for their parents and child care for their kids. What you never realize is the nature of elderly and kids is nearly the same. When grandparents and grandchildren are mingled, it leads to relationship where the elders are happy and occupied while the kids in turn learn valuable ethics and vice-versa.

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Below are a few ways how you can make this relationship more engaging and fruitful:

Reading to each other:

While elderly can read out interesting historic stories, the kids can reach out with the latest facts. When the elderly read out to the kids, it aids in the development of excellent communication skills.

reading to each other

Solving puzzles:

Crosswords, pictures puzzles and jigsaws are available for varied ages. By introducing puzzles, both the elderly and kids can bridge the generation gap with fun.

solving puzzules


A family is incomplete without television. Television is a whole new world altogether which has something for every group. The grandparents can develop a taste for music in the kids with the variety of shows available. The elderly and kids can also sit down to watch discovery, history or national geographic channel to learn novel things. They can also watch cartoons because no one is too old for them!



What is better than a vivid boundary-less world? Present day kids are so tech-savvy that they can assist the grandparent to learn the internet to use basic things like sending an email, video calling, seeing videos or even enjoying old movies and songs on the internet. In turn both the grandparents and kids can involve in fun learning activities on the internet. Kids can even study with luring audio-visual videos where grandparents can guide them in case of problems.


Fun exercise:

Kids love running and jumping around. Try to involve the kids and the grandparents in activities which are beneficial for both classes. Yoga, exercise, meditation or simple walks in the parks can keep both generations in pink of health. While the grandparents walk in the park, kids can take a swing!

fun exercise

Sometimes the elderly feel lonely when you are at work and there are no kids around. A company is essential for effective elderly care. Healers at Home is a mandatory choice for elder care services where right from being a mere companion to taking care of the medication, our expert, affordable and pleasing attendants will do the needful.

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