Innovation in Health Sector – Physiotherapy at Home

The last decade or so has seen a significant improvement in a variety of sector as efficiency level and convenience factor has gone up by a big margin. Consumers are not able to get services and products with less effort at their homes courtesy the advancement of technology bringing in open source yet highly sophisticated platforms like Android. Noticing the change and an increased use and thus dependency on smartphones among consumers, businesses and their leaders start to modify their plans and build their strategies around the same. While fashion apparel, electronic market and even consumer durable industry has taken a lot of benefit from the same, health sector is still in a phase of transition.


However new startups like Healers at Home are entering the health sector and providing Physiotherapy and Yoga services at home via smartphone apps based on platform of Android. Users can now download the Healers at home app from the play store, weather it is Google play store, windows play store or Apple play store and register themselves. The same facility is available on the web site. After registering, customers can now choose a convenient time and place for the Yoga or Physiotherapy service.


A lot of people can benefit from such health care services with busy schedules, daily work routine and inability to break away from everyday working restricting our ability to visit hospitals. Such issues and problems are amplified when regular and rigorous physiotherapy is required for patients after surgery or recovery for the elderly. Taking such patients to hospitals on a weekly or even daily basis can be very inconvenient. That is where companies like Healers at Home comes into play and deliver regular home healthcare services.


Some of the issues that Physiotherapy services can cater to include:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Back Pain
  • Breathing Problem
  • Osteoporosis
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Alzheimer’s disease

A patient undergoing cancer treatment

There is also a major category of people who are looking to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle but do not have the time to devote for the same. Leaving their houses in the middle of heavy traffic can also de-motivate someone while others are not comfortable doing stretches and other body movements in the presence of strangers. A majority of such customers comprise of house wives or women who are looking to get back into shape post pregnancy. For such customers, Yoga services can be availed at home where the frequency of visits by the Yoga instructor would be based on your liking and suitability.

Therefore it is clear that Health care sector is also on the move and is adapting to the growing technology and changing environments making life easier for the sick creating a healthier world.

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