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Physiotherapy is a holistic cure for countless ailments. It not only betters the physical condition but is also aimed at retrieving the fundamental functioning of the affected organ. When it comes to the process of physiotherapy, it comprises of techniques that are bespoke and applicable as per the intensity and malady. One of the most extensively used techniques is the ice therapy that is generally applied in the initial stage of the traumas like neck pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, etc. Though easy to execute, there is a certain set of norms that need to be followed. Never wanting the sufferer to comprehend, here is a detailed guide for ice therapy for neck pain:

  • Assess the condition:

A certified physiotherapist from Healers at Home queues in at the residence of the sufferer to evaluate the range of motion, amount of rigidness and quantum of throbbing.

  • Concoct care plan:

On meticulous analysis, a physiotherapy care plan consisting of an assortment of neck pain exercises and complementing therapeutic approaches is developed. If ice therapy is to be used for neck pain treatment physical therapy, specific tips are fused to make the therapy more effective. These knacks include:

  1. Prepping up the skin for ice therapy by massaging it with oil or petroleum jelly.
  2. Avoiding direct contact of skin and ice by wrapping the pack in a towel thick cloth. This is because direct usage of ice pack can cause rashes, irritation or frostbite on the skin.
  3. Limiting the ice therapy for less than 20 minutes.
  4. Depending upon the intent of ice therapy (swelling reduction/muscle relaxation), the pack can be applied every hour or after every three to four hours.
  • Accompanying cures:

Any ice therapy is incomplete and under-utilized without heat therapy and physiotherapy exercises. With these add-ons, the results are expeditious, effective and long-lasting.

  • Check on miscellaneous caution:

Only application of ice therapy is not the key solution for neck pain treatment. Other upkeep measures like watching out on sitting, sleeping and standing postures are underlying boosters for quick recovery.

Remember, you are not an expert and not every type of neck pain is triggered by the same reasons. It is always vital to see a physiotherapist to detect the root before you determine on any physical therapy program. Like there are countless culprits for neck pain, there is an ice pack that is suitable for each condition. An ideal ice pack has the power to dramatically improve your snug level while you recover from an injury along with cutting down on the time taken for the same. Ditch the doubt, reach out to a professional for pertinent aid now!


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