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How Yoga Changed The Life Of These Ex-Cricketers?

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Yoga as a discipline originated in ancient India during the pre-Vedic times. Mastering various yoga poses and yoga asanas can have many physical and mental health benefits like reduced stress, increased flexibility, improved cardiovascular health, improved athletic performance, increased concentration, weight reduction and improved energy & vitality to name a few.

Yoga is a habit for some of the most successful personalities in the world. Especially for a sportsman, it’s a daily chore. Cricketers are not far from the world of yoga. Different yoga asanas and yoga poses have helped a lot of cricketers reverse some of their most gruesome injuries. Yoga has brought positive changes in the lives of many cricketers and we are here to share with you some of such stories.

Sachin Tendulkar

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This man needs no introduction in the world of cricket! Regarded as the greatest batsman of all time and the highest run scorer in international cricket, Sachin has had his share of ups and downs. At the peak, Sachin was facing the biggest hindrance in his cricketing career in the form of back injury and tennis elbow. After trying a lot of conventional and non-conventional treatments in vain, suddenly some light entered his life when he was introduced to BKS Iyengar the yoga guru by one of his friends. Guruji’s serene & light-hearted approach struck Sachin and he immediately spent a week under his care.Sachin was thankful for the wonderful yoga asanas guruji taught him as practicing those yoga asanas helped him throughout his career. Yoga helped Sachin extend his career by 8 years. It helped him to an extent where surgery was no longer required. Sachin, even after retirement still practices yoga at home as it helps him stay healthy mentally and physically. Yoga has played a big role in his life.


Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid remembered for his calmness on and off the field credits yoga and meditation for such a cool temperament. He believes in the power of yoga and how different yoga asanas can help someone recover, relax and develop a calm mind. He suggests everyone should practice yoga at home or wherever possible irrespective of their careers.

Justin Langer

Justin Langer the former Australian left-handed batsman also named amongst the most successful openers for Australia and the current head coach of the Australian team has been practicing yoga since 1993, as it helped him stay focused and keep the attention on what’s important during the peak of his career.

Langer was another victim of injuries and yoga helped him recoup his health & fitness. He has always championed the benefits of yoga and also implemented daily yoga routines in the many domestic teams he coached. Yoga has always played an important role in his career and truly made him healthier mentally as well as physically.

Yoga has a very positive effect on anyone’s life. In today’s time, it has become really important to take care of your physical and mental health with the kind of hectic lifestyle we have. Yoga can help you reverse a lot of negative aspects in your life be it mental or physical. But going to a yoga class can be very difficult because of the time constraints. Nowadays you can practice yoga at home by booking yoga services which provide a yoga instructor at home.

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