How to lose weight before the New Year

It is that phase of the year again where you will be slogging hard to lose excess fat on the waist and thighs to look drool-worthy on the New Year’s Eve. Keep your stress on the shelf and scroll down for a step by step guide on how to lose weight BEFORE the New Year kicks in.


Choose the right time:

December; being the holiday season, is a month of calories. If you cannot promise yourself to cut the complex carbs out of your diet, you can be smart enough to choose a time slot that will lure you to gobble on unwanted items the least.


Revise your diet:

Not stating the obvious to avoid fried meals, sodas and bread, but the first and the foremost step to losing or maintaining weight is the right eating habit. It is said that you are what you eat; though bitter to admit, it is a fact. Do not resort to general and crash diet available on the internet because you will end up gaining back your weight as quicker than you have actually lost it.


Complementing exercise regime:

Weight loss is impossible without a dedicated training routine. When done with sheer motivation and not as a compulsion, results can be exemplary. An exercise regime doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym every day and spend hours there; it can be something that you enjoy too. Dedicate each day to different forms of training like Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, cross training, swimming and sometimes even an occasional run in the neighborhood.


If your schedule is too tied up or you are too lazy to drive around, you can resort to yoga classes at home. This will not only aid you to save your time, but it is cost-effective. On the contrary, you get personalized attention, bespoke plans and you can adopt a healthier lifestyle almost effortlessly.

Say no to alcohol:

Alcohol contains calories. One 250ml glass of beer of contains 150 calories. Trust us when we say this, 150 calories is bountiful especially when you are striving hard to cut them. If you are going to binge on spirits on the New Year’s Eve, resist alcohol at least before.


Catch up on sleep:

The festive season and year-end can put you and your body under immense pressure both at work and home thus inevitably leading you to compromise on sleep. Not getting a healthy eight to nine hour sleep is one of the sole reasons for gorging on sugary and greasy snacks. Plus a good night’s sleep will make your face look less swollen and more chiseled

Nobody will disagree when we say that losing weight as a ‘New Year Resolution’ is a synonym for fail. This year, start early to witness how you stick by your resolutions affirmed!

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