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How to Keep Your Elders Happy?

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We all have elders at our home, our old parents or grandparents. With age, people slow down and become physically and mentally weak. Due to their inability to travel, elderly people become secluded to a place which leads to sadness, loneliness or even depression.

Isolation and loneliness has come to be a very common thing among our elders. The main reasons behind this feeling of loneliness may be spouse or friends passing away, fewer opportunities for social engagement than earlier, loss of hearing or vision, and similar things. Home health care is certainly one the better options when it comes to keeping the elderly hale and hearty. With a range of home health care services available, you can choose a service that meets your need and requirement.

However, one fact that you must admit here is that you are a major part of their lives, and it is you who needs to work to keep them physically and emotionally well. Being a child, it was they who cared for you and now it’s time you do the same for them.

Whether you have elders with you or have arranged home health care for them, you need to ensure that they are receiving the love and care they deserve. Here are some tips which you can follow to keep your elders hale and hearty

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Stay in touch

Every relation needs time to keep it going. An elderly person needs your time. Even if it is not possible to see them personally every day, try to find some time out of your routine to talk to them over the phone or arrange a video call. A simple phone call every day will make them feel happy, even if they are thousands of miles away from you.

Keep them busy

Concerts, theater, community events, and other social activities that interest the elders can be a wonderful way to keep them happily engaged. Find information about events that interest your elders, and then take them to such events.

Keep their hobbies alive

If your parent likes reading books or listening to music CDs, gift them their favorites from time to time. Music and books are the best ways to keep the brain cells stimulated.

Encourage them to exercise

Encourage elders to do regular exercise, as much as their health and body conditions permit. They can take part in exercise classes that are engaged in community parks and recreation departments.

Get a pet

If your parent has always liked keeping a pet, then get them a dog, cat, bird, fish, or hamster. But ensure that they are physically sound to care for the pet.

Choose home health care services

If you live away from your parent or leave your parent alone when you got out for work, then you can consider home health care service to address the challenges involved. These services are provided by professionals who help out the elders with their daily errands, keep a check on their health and also keep them busy.

Encourage your parent to do new things, to acclimatize to new technology, or explore a new interest, to keep them stimulated and engaged. Doing all this can make a world of difference to the health, attitude and quality of life of our loving elders.

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