How to infuse Christmas spirit with Yoga

Though the bubble has been busted that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, Christmas is celebrated with the same spirit in India and worldwide. Everyone is known to the common ritual of decorating the Christmas tree, indulging in rallies, binge eating plum cakes and slurping gut soothing wine.
We treat our near and dear ones with a gift of their liking, but this year let’s do something different. Let us use this special occasion to treat them with rejuvenation, total mental peace, physical transformation and saluburiousness with yoga. Being the holiday season, Christmas is a time that is as stressful as joyous and yoga is exactly that is needed for you and your beloved to unwind.
How can you make an offbeat fusion of yoga and Christmas?
  • Touch base with certified yoga tutors from Healers at Home.
  • We work closely with you to organize special Christmas themed yoga sessions at the comforts of your home and the time you choose. 1
  • We can also aid you to spruce up your workplace Christmas parties by arranging a stint of yoga class. This will be a power booster for employees to evacuate the stress built up during year end and will promote enhanced productivity for the entity. Thus, a win-win for both the employees and the employer.2
  • If you do not desire to arrange a session under professional guidance, you can resort to a series of easy peasy lemon squeezy series of yoga poses that are even more fun when performed in groups and are known to augment the love and bonding between individuals indispensably. These yoga asanas include cobra pose, mountain pose or warrior poses.3
Yoga for Christmas is not only an extraordinary but a healthy way of celebrating it. You can shred a few calories plus nobody ever minds a relaxing Shavasana!
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