How to combat pollution at home

When we picture pollution, we can only think of noisy places and a smoky ambiance. What we fail to realize is pollution is not just outdoors but indoors, and most of the times we are the culprit for it. Putting a complete halt to pollution and its effects are next to impossible, but there are definitely ways for tailing off its perils. Below listed are a few measures you can take to safeguard yourself from the hazards of air pollution:


  • Check on smoke:

Under no circumstance, you should smoke in the house. The residual gas and particles that settle in the den lead to lung disorders and heart problems.

  • Amplify ventilation:

Poor indoor air quality takes our respiratory systems for a toll. We are not asking you to open your windows and doors to attract more air pollution, when we say what we mean is install trickle vents in a way that the air you breathe indoors is allowed to cycle and you don’t end up breathing what you are exhaling.

  • Fight with houseplants:

Houseplants have the power to not only enhance the appearance of your house or workplace but can also secure us from the menaces that toxins like ammonia and benzene widely present in the air can bring. If you plant at least one plant per 100sq cm of your house, you can be assured of pure air and an overall rejuvenated aura. Peace lilies, aloe vera, lady palm, money plant, European Ivy, Boston fern, etc. are excellent pollutant repellants.air-cleaning-houseplants

  • Conserve energy:

Energy saving is one of the most effortless ways to combat pollution in a day to day life. Installing power efficient products and star appliances in the house do not only cut down on your monthly electricity outlays but emit less carbon dioxide into the air. Avoid air conditioner usage until the heat is unbearable.

  • Fill up on nutrition:

You might not have full control over the external factors, but you can surely bed in pollution filters in your body. Inculcation of food items enriched with Vitamin C, Omega fatty acids, Omega 3 and magnesium can prove to impeccable to alleviate the detrimental effects of pollution. Also, add in tulsi, ginger, lemon, cashew nuts and walnuts in your regular diet for uplifted immunity and for easily winning the battle against pollution.

  • Stay dry and clean:

Not majorly addressed but carpets and moisture are pollution magnets. Carpets are the toxic sponge attracting dust mites, mold spores, and dust thus demanding regular cleaning. Try to keep the humidity level in the residence to be less than 30%.

For Increased protection:
1. While riding a bike or walking outdoors wear a good quality mask or use a  handkerchief as it also protects to some extent.
2. On starting your car, open windows and recirculate indoor air outdoors for two minutes; it will help in dilution CO concentrations since CO is more dangerous and can cause fatal consequences. Also run your car ac for some time in indoor circulation.
3. If possible use air Purifiers in home (only with Hepa, carbon & pre Filter) ; specially for seniors and kids
4. Ventilate your house between 3 to 5 PM everyday; this is the that time when PM2.5 levels are lowest on a bright sunny day.
5. Sprinkle water in your premises /on road to settle down pollutants.
With the modern lifestyle and the binge on deforestation, it is now arduous to cope with pollution. But we as educated and responsible citizens can certainly do out but not only in the house but also for the environment. Simple steps like carpooling, opting for public transportation, avoiding the use of plastic bags, etc. can create a change that is bigger than we might have imagined! Always remember that if bringing pollution is the price you pay for convenience, it is not worth it. Breathe better, go green!Go-Green


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